Friday, January 9, 2009

another jay bee~

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omg..i don't believe this...i actually wake up at 6.30 for nearly a week dy! oh my god...ain't i great? hahha......i took one picture of the kids...they are just soo cute..but i have a lousy camera the picture turns out...not nice..but i will still post it~ nah~ this is a pic of the 4 years old kids...from the caterpillar class!!!!

P/s..they are reallie very cute wan...but....cause i am a bad camera gurl...sob...but...i can swear..they are really very adorable~ see...3 kids sitting on a crocodile...actually only one ppl can seat.but well...they enjoy it~ squeezing in one small crocodily~

the kids are super duper cute~ how i wish i have one too......maybe like this baby below? haha...

ahh...falls in love with the baby..~ so kawaii rite!!!! i want to have one too!!!

oh yar...i just got my result is supposed to be on friday..but oh the link earlier......thank God....for blessing me such a good result...i really appreciate all the helps from my coursemates~ I LOVE U GUYS~ Thanks a lot..without the supports from my friends and coursemates..i don't think i can make it this sem~ and of course! my mum!!!!!! thank you for able to bear with my grumbling for soo many years~ muackz!

p.p.s : another short post..haha....when i am free..i promise...i will upload the get backers part 2..haha.. :P maybe when i am in utp....using dial up now..very expensive!!! =.-'''

~current mode~

wheee........tomoro is the last day for me to wake up at 6.30 am..then i can have a break for 2 days!!!

and i can be lazy again~ hhehe..really looking forward oh~

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