Friday, May 29, 2009

ThE vErY RaNdOm Post! =)

Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 10:21 PM 4 comments is my last day access to internet..the fast and speedy internet..sigh..going to CASFUMAL tomoro....have to wake up at 6 am!!! hey!! thats like my sleeping time..just wanna go to bed you know...@~@ and then leave home at 7 am and go to mit mit's place..hopefully can reach seremban by 9.30am...*keep my finger cross*

yup..this is where CASFUMAL will be held.....the PAN PACIFIC HOTEL in KLIA ....(5 star de oh~) i go because there is jaguzzi and i can go to klia lepak!!!!! @~@
haha...and huhu..grandma usual...soup..and it will be my last soup for this week..T.T dun think CASFUMAL will provide me soup tho.......

SOUP is the best! it taste SWEET and delicious!!! I LOVE TO DRINK SOUP VERY MUCH!!!! wheeeeeee especially my grandma's soup, my mum's soup and lil duckling's soup (tho can hardly taste his wan...=( )

peanut with lotus soup...deliciousu!~ drools

okay...many asked me if the sushi taste nice o is the ans!!! >.<

cousin : thumbs up !

(omg..i write this myself..he din say..but..his expression says tat rite rite??)


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so...wat did i do today? or yesterday? hahahhahahaha..watever..
i actually make SUSHI!! wheee.......
yeah..u must be wondering why did i actually make sushi in the middle of the night..@~@
huhu..cause i usually wake up in the afternoon....and i am very bored at not make sushi at night since my cousins, my aunties and uncle wanna have it? >.<

* sorry lar..perasan abit..ahaha..but my cousin name it cally's sushi....mwahhahahaha* the pictures do the talking!!
Step 1 : Cut the cucumber and carrots

Step 2 : Wash the sausages and also the crab stick and steam it for 5 min

Step 3 : Cook the rice (Japanese rice oh). For me, i fill in 3 cups of rice together with 4.5 cup of water.

Step 4 : Cook the vineger. How to cook? Tadaaaa.....*wink*

12 spoon of vineger (depends on the amount of rice u use..)

6 teaspoon of sugar

6 teaspoon of salt

heat the mixture up....until all the sugar and salt melt =)
note : the vineger is cook according to ratio of (6:3:3) [(vineger : salt : sugar)]

Step 5 : Mix the vineger with the cooked rice !!!!!! wheee......

Step 6 : Get Mayonese, seaweed and prepare the table..cause now..its time to WRAP the sushi!

and when i get my mayo in grandma's fridge..i noticed something!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!! the expiry date is on 2008!!!! wat the....cannot be eaten d! @~@ no mayo to make sushi oh~~~ shhheeeezzz

then i korek korek the fridge..praying tat there are more mayo in fridge....and tadaaaaa i spotted this...

GOOD!!!!! another bottle of MAYO!!!! and the expiry date is on july 09....whoosh..lucky me..good good..hehhee...and i prepare...3 spoons!!! one for mayo..and 2 for me to dig the rice ...@~@

this is my table..for now..haha..see the laptop over there? yeah..i need it..cause it gonna take me hours to wrap it.lalalalla...with my beloved laptop, i can call my friends thru gtalk......and also can watch my fav X men Evolution Season 2!!!! na no da!

okay!!!! now its time...FOR........

Step 7 : Wrap the sushi >.<

Place the seaweed [sorry...pic taken upside down =( ] on the plastic for hygiene purposes
where to get the plastic? haha..just grab it at those hyper market where they provide plastic for u to put in vegetables or fruits..haha..cut it so it's open...creative kan? hehe..

put the rice on top of the seaweed....

Spread the mayo on top of the rice...(this is very nice to play)

For the content of the sushi..u can put many stuff...such as tuna, sardin...(eww), eggs, carrot, cucumber, crab stick, for me..this time..i will put carrot and cucumber (for my aunt and uncle who are vegetarian) , sausages for my cousin....and crab stick with cucumber with carrot for my another aunt and cousin too~ >.<

Then roll the sushi...actually should use the bamboo thingy...u know..u can get it at jusco..but i dun i rolled it with plastic..hahaha.....

TADAAAA!!!! sushi done!!!! (put it in fridge and cut it later) hahaha...>.< easy?

of course its easy..even ppl like me who dunno how to cook....AT ALL...know how to make it..mwahahhahaaha

this is my work station aft finishing making the sushi..... *~*

(dun like to clean it up!!!!)

and while making the sushi..please take note!!! DO NOT EAT THE INGREDIENT!!!!

shh....dun tell them i ate the cucumber and carrot...(its nice eating them RAW)

and the sausage look so cheese de!! @~@ wanna eat it!!! d..haha

and since i got lotsa time..hehe..decided to do a love shape rice on top of the seaweed...and it appear to me..pretty nice~

Step 8 : After cleaning up all the dirty plates etc, its time to cut the sushi....

prepare to cut the sushi!~ >.< (this is the best part of it)

hehe..the amount of sushi i made....tadaaa!!!

cut cut!!!! piece by piece....put in into container...

done!! i am done!! this is my lovey-lovey bento for my uncle, aunties and cousins!!!! (left top : fully vegetarian, left bottom : vegetarian + mayo, center : sausage sushi..(look like sun!!! sunny sushi!! ) right side (crabby sushi..haha )

pack it nicely...and put in inside the fridge!! nyammy!!! >.<

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ugly o not ugly....@~@

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OMGOSH.....chung ginn just let me see an article ...which is published in the STAR online on Wednesday 27 mAY 2009.......i was

okay..this is the header...hehe...>.<


KOTA KINABALU: A husband telling his wife that she is no longer pretty in an attempt to humiliate her can be classified as an emotional violence offence if amendments are made to the Domestic Violence Act (DVA)1994.

and yada yada read more...please click here

wat the!! tats so cool!!!! means...there will be no guys saying us gurls U.G.L.Y dy!!! Yippieee......

but but...if gurls say guys not consider an offence right? hahaha...

oopss..i keep on saying tat lil duckling is not leng zhai...consider offence o not ler..hmmmph..but i say 'not leng zhai' instead of 'ugly' so an offence kan? hehe.. >.<

pity the guys...yup..cause the chances of girls critic guys are more than guys critic gurls...LOL..but due to the status wat chung ginn say...boys are always the victims in terms of this..haha!!!!! true true..we gurls are being protected from u guys!!! yeah!!!!

ok...this is handsome lil duckling *clap hands...i wont get sue!!!!*

and beautiful cally!!!!! *puke* hahhahahaha

waa..then there wont be any sincere comment this a good law or wat!!?? huhu...i wan sincere comment more than those fake comment(just because they dun wanna be sued)...huhu....@~@

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

grrrrr...!!!!!! *beware...i bite*

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waaaaaaaaaa...i am super duper angryyy!!!! look at the fire surround mee!!! grrrr...angry..pissed off...grrrrrrr
i wanna scold him!! for not msging me!!! for not paying attention on wat i say just now!!! grrrr....and din even realised i end the call at gtalk.....grrr..took him 5 min to realise...grrrhhharrghhhhh

if can....i wanna punch him!!!! punch him till he fly to atlantic.......freeze to death..since he sooo "cold" grrhhhh..
wat!!!?? he can wake up at 2.45 am just to watch foot ball match.....but cannot find the time to msg me?? or write me a mail?? wth......arrghhhhhhhhhh -bash him up-

sigh!!!!! .....very sweat ler...sigh sigh....
sigh again..dunno wat to say bout him...sigh......why did i choose him in the first place har...sigh...bodoh de me...@~@

sigh..waa..i sure sigh a lot....anyone wants me? haha....sigh.....stupid lil duckling...shake head....

Gurls Reunion~

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haha..i guess its time for me to blog bout the small outing i had with my ex schoolmates in time square last week.....
last sat, michelle decided to have a small gathering with eilyn and jenny who are going to oversea to pursue their studies...Jenny in Australia and Eilyn in wow wow!
our initial plan is to meet up on sat in the afternoon, but since i need to go back to utp on the sat itself, michelle changed the time to sat 11 pm.....sorry yar mich!
after an hour of waiting..finally eilyn arrived..LOL hahaha.....'boh pian', her bf's car got clamped in her apartment area..hhaha...and we headed to BBQ! the food is delicious! and we had a great time together....and now..let the pictures do the talking~ malasnya wanna type it out~ >.<>

the main characters for our gathering~ hehe...jenny in black and eilyn in ..erm...colourful? haha

yup! this is the place for us to bbq the meat and also have steam boat tau!!!! do u see the 'drain' around big big 'dome'? we need to pour the water in and put some of the dishes..just like steam boat ...and before we bbq the meat, we need to soak the meat in the water for awhile before putting it on the dome, to prevent the meat to stick on the 'dome' ....special kan?

yup~ the meats!!!!! hahaha.....look very tempting isnt it?

the white meat !!!!! hehe...nice kan~ drools~

bbq time~ yummy yummy!

say cheese~ or should they say..yummy?

the cooked food! haha..look at the steam!!! *hungry d*

top view of the food

the white white sotong!

say peace~ eilyn , me and michelle

the gurls~ smiley~ *leng lui mah? =P*

continue to panggang the meat...!! @~@ greedy me..

nyam nyam! deliciousu~

eilyn : i'm loving it~

michelle : still got har? cannot stuff inside my stomach d lar...

wait ! its not done yet! michelle and i have a surprised for u two!!!

open it..lalalaa

tadaaaa!!!! wats tat? huhu!!

Cake!! cake! Cherry chocolate..from bread history!

1.5 kg....4 ppl......crazy gurls...hahaha.....gonna eat it without cutting it..haha....use spoon and dig it!

the birthday gurls....early celebration..haha..since both of them are not around anymore during their birthdays ..>.<

We are 21 years old!!!!! but wait.....21 + 21 = 42..omg..u guys are 42 years old!

oops ...wat's tat on michelle's head......waa...michelle is so cool~

michelle and me...miss chili padi and miss hentai ...haha.... ( our old nicks)

after 'digging' the cake....snap a few more pics...i need to go back to utp..sigh....but jenny and the gang enjoy themselves with movies...sigh~ >.<>

anyway, jenny and eilyn..good luck yar! may god bless u in the foreign countries...take care...and all the best in pursueing ur dreams! same goes to michelle too!!!! u too take care...and we must meet up again!!! , u , suyun and alagam....>.<

miss those me?!


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