Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gurls Reunion~

Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 1:26 AM

haha..i guess its time for me to blog bout the small outing i had with my ex schoolmates in time square last week.....
last sat, michelle decided to have a small gathering with eilyn and jenny who are going to oversea to pursue their studies...Jenny in Australia and Eilyn in wow wow!
our initial plan is to meet up on sat in the afternoon, but since i need to go back to utp on the sat itself, michelle changed the time to sat 11 pm.....sorry yar mich!
after an hour of waiting..finally eilyn arrived..LOL hahaha.....'boh pian', her bf's car got clamped in her apartment area..hhaha...and we headed to BBQ! the food is delicious! and we had a great time together....and now..let the pictures do the talking~ malasnya wanna type it out~ >.<>

the main characters for our gathering~ hehe...jenny in black and eilyn in ..erm...colourful? haha

yup! this is the place for us to bbq the meat and also have steam boat tau!!!! do u see the 'drain' around big big 'dome'? we need to pour the water in and put some of the dishes..just like steam boat ...and before we bbq the meat, we need to soak the meat in the water for awhile before putting it on the dome, to prevent the meat to stick on the 'dome' ....special kan?

yup~ the meats!!!!! hahaha.....look very tempting isnt it?

the white meat !!!!! hehe...nice kan~ drools~

bbq time~ yummy yummy!

say cheese~ or should they say..yummy?

the cooked food! haha..look at the steam!!! *hungry d*

top view of the food

the white white sotong!

say peace~ eilyn , me and michelle

the gurls~ smiley~ *leng lui mah? =P*

continue to panggang the meat...!! @~@ greedy me..

nyam nyam! deliciousu~

eilyn : i'm loving it~

michelle : still got har? cannot stuff inside my stomach d lar...

wait ! its not done yet! michelle and i have a surprised for u two!!!

open it..lalalaa

tadaaaa!!!! wats tat? huhu!!

Cake!! cake! Cherry chocolate..from bread history!

1.5 kg....4 ppl......crazy gurls...hahaha.....gonna eat it without cutting it..haha....use spoon and dig it!

the birthday gurls....early celebration..haha..since both of them are not around anymore during their birthdays ..>.<

We are 21 years old!!!!! but wait.....21 + 21 = 42..omg..u guys are 42 years old!

oops ...wat's tat on michelle's head......waa...michelle is so cool~

michelle and me...miss chili padi and miss hentai ...haha.... ( our old nicks)

after 'digging' the cake....snap a few more pics...i need to go back to utp..sigh....but jenny and the gang enjoy themselves with movies...sigh~ >.<>

anyway, jenny and eilyn..good luck yar! may god bless u in the foreign countries...take care...and all the best in pursueing ur dreams! same goes to michelle too!!!! u too take care...and we must meet up again!!! , u , suyun and alagam....>.<

miss those me?!

2 comments on "Gurls Reunion~"

evoljenny on May 28, 2009 at 2:31 AM said...

so gonna miss u after i leave.... i spotted u of coz! i still remember those days in form 2... feel emo thinking back... nostagic!

~CaLLy~ on May 28, 2009 at 2:45 AM said...

haha.....of course u spotted me lar..u know how i look during those days..LOLX..yup..miss those days where we can wear uniforms..sigh...reallie nostalgic


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