Monday, June 29, 2009

Examination Notification....

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and when i online..the first thing i this...
gtalk : examination result...cekik rama- rama...tolonggg (yeah..its you..hahah :P)

huh?! result? so fast?

my heart was thumping like mad..bik bop...bik the guy...and he say...its in utp website....

thus.....i open the link.....and saw this..

okay..picture kinda written....

Examination Results January 2009 Semester (TBC) - below

and also

Information on Final Examination Results (updated) -upper


i am like this! grr...haha..


then i saw the upper link... CLICK HERE if u wanna access to the link..or....see below :

Information with regard to the January 2009 semester examination results

1. The January 2009 semester final examination results will be posted on student portal for
viewing under Academic Info tab tentatively by middle of July 2009 – refer link under
Academic Announcement\Examination Results January 2009 semester (still long lar...middle...means we have 2 more weeks..oh great )

2. Students with outstanding dues need to make settlement latest by 6th July 2009 failure which
your examination results will be blocked / withheld from viewing. Please be advised to check
with Finance Dept./ Security Dept./ IRC for outstanding dues to the university ie. tuition/
hostel fees, security summon, book loan and other clearance for graduating students. (omg..library book loan also must pay..the few bucks only wor..block TAI WOK ah?)

Finance contact: 05-3688121/8125/8130/8132/8135
Security contact: 05-3688313/8316/8318
IRC contact: 05-3688466/8486

3. Supplementary Examination for students completing Foundation programme and for
graduating undergraduates is scheduled on 15th & 16th July 2009.
List of students to sit for Supplementary Examination can be viewed on UTP website: under >Academic\ Academic Announcement\List of Students Eligible for
Supplementary Examination in January 2009 semester

4. The deadline for submitting an appeal request for reinstatement due to academic dismissal
will be on 17th July 2009 while the last date for subsequent appeal (second appeal) with regard
to results of the first appeal will be on 31st July 2009.

5. Appeal for Remarking will be open from 20th until 22nd July 2009.

6. List of Students who have completed Foundation programme and eligible for admission into
Undergraduate Studies can be viewed on UTP website: under
>Academic\Academic Announcement\List of Students who have Completed Foundation
Programme in January 2009 semester many things to loan har...i dun even know if i have a book loan o not..grr.....must call kah?!

sigh...this is waaaayyyyyy too soon....sigh sigh......scary....anyway..PPL...

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KOH 89 on July 8, 2009 at 9:16 PM said...

cool down....ur blog title is the first hit appears in google...makes all UTPian curious to read about when they check for results...


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