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My sEcOnd FaMiLy in UtP...*sequal to my first family in utp*

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hehe..yup..i am now back.. in KL right now....a place where i can have unlimited internet service..whee..

so now, i think its time for me to blog something which i promised to blog a long time ago....bout my second family in utp....

whee...i to u...


the SANGGAR KIRANA aka UTP GAMELAN GROUP... those who do not know what is gamelan..practically gamelan is a Malay tradisional music which consist of bonang barong (currenly playing it..and loving it the most), bonang penerus, gambang (my second fav instrument..still learning on it..ish..) , saron peking, saron baron, saron demung, gong, and gendang....okay..there will be several extra instruments such as kenong, etc etc but since i am playing gamelan melayu...yup...not using those instrument..hehe...if i am to type all the info bout gonna be super duper for more info..CLICK HERE..

'why do you join the gamelan team?'

many ppl ask me this question as they are so many other interesting clubs such as Rotaract, ICC, Chinese Orhestra, Classical and Jazz etc...why gamelan..and not others.. might turns up to be lame reasons..but this is the truth...

#1. the main reason is because during my secondary school, after my teacher's friend (yeah..not even my teacher) knew that i will be going to UTP, he asked me to join the UTP Gamelan since he knows the teacher there ..and he said that...its a wonderful team... * blv me..seriously..because of this, i die die wanna register gamelan 1 for my ko-q eventho i am the only chinese tat time...grr..all of them went to modern music 1...sigh..*--------> got easily persuaded..but i do not regret joining the class..hehe..

#2. apparently, when i join the ko-q class, the teacher there is fantastic...i enjoy a lot in his's super interesting...*at tat time la...for me now..i went look thru the score for gamelan 1 ...i dunno why i can get hyper for 6 months..huhu* and i have lotsa friends there..especially chemical students...thats where i meet amad and aira and aein and also pd....then all of us wanna join the utp gamelan continue in choosing gamelan 2 for the following ko-q

#3. during my foundation second semester..finally.....opportunity given, there are audition to join the UTP gamelan..and very lucky..i got into it..and till now...i am in the UTP team..hehe..together ...

#4. its the one and only club..that actually sustain my interest in it..haha....i just love playing the instrument...hearts it a lot....hearts the sound it produces..hearts the ppl there..hearts everything..wheee..

why do i hearts gamelan family so much?

#1. my baby the mascot for the gamelan..aka gamellon...hehe (haha..kidding kidding.)

#2. we are just like one big family...we spend our time practicing together..happily....never once tension..okay..once in a blue moon we will tension if we 'play' with each other too much instead of practicing.haha...

#3.there are lotsa fantastic seniors....

*he is the brother in gamelan...(tho graduate d...he is still in our hearts always.haha :P) he is very wise in giving advices...just like bro..and u just cant hide anything from him..ish..*

* no matter where they are..even tho they have already graduate or intern or etc...they will definately come back whenever we have performances..and give us support...where to find such a good seniorS *saw the 's'..its not singular..but plural* aren't we lucky to have them? *

#4. i got to know many ppl....from diff countries..

#5. we love cam whoring!!!!

*one of the decent pic...tat can be release in blog..haha*

#6. pizza hut seems to be our favourite hanging out place (and its FOC..cause many seniors will chia us...or gamelan 'funds' will chia us...lucky!!)

#7. there are lotsa 'mamak sessions'..but apparently i only join them twice for that..haha..oops.

#8. there are lotsa outings..such as to the waterfall, eating during season...etc etc...(tho i hardly join them cause usually the timing not cun for me....hmmph..must join this type of outing d..haha..)

aren't these reasons above enough for me to hearts them so much?

again..i would reallie like to take this opportunity to say..thanks a lot gamelan team..for letting me enjoy myself sooo much....*hearts u all very much*

p.s : i need to get all the pictures d larx!!! took so many pictures..but never save in my laptop..grr

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