Saturday, July 11, 2009

NeW SeM...NeW ReSoLuTioN !

Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 1:43 AM
-shit! result is going to be released ,10 hours from now...i cant sleep..T.T not as nervous as last time..but this 'relaxing' is making me kinda worried d...@~@ and yada yada yada-

those were wat i was going to write yesterday at around2 am....but as soon as i type tat...suddenly ...there was ppl pm me ..and said.."cally...results out!" what the ...i was not prepared yet..but nonetheless..i still go to student portal...and check it out..

this is the first time my uni using sooo canggih method oh...we actually view our result via student portal...we do not need exam ID..i think this actually save a lot of troubles for the academic department ppl cause UTP students just have the habit of losing their examination ID and then call the academic department just to retrieve back their examination ID..hahaha....

okay.....after much clicking.....pop! my results is out! result drop this semester..expected d..hahaha..but i still kinda happy with my results ..=) why? cause i expected it to be much worst!! hhahaa...reallie glad....thank you God...for the blessing and keep on guiding me throughout last sem..and also throughout my whole life..hehe..thank you mummy...who always mentally and physically support me..hearing me nagging..and complaining...thank you lil duckling..who nearly everyday temaning me to mamak...just to release my stress....thank you my coursemates....especially my gang...Huat, mitt, amy, renae, herman, san, qing...and milk!!!!! glad to have u guys around..studying together....hehheehe...and also thanks a lot to my friends.....reallie appreciated it...>.<

now.... after getting results...means that i need to prepare myself to be a THIRD year student..omg..i cant blv tat i am going to be tat old d....

what's the responsibility for a THIRD YEAR student :

#1. ETP..(wa..this mmg..i pray i got a nice nice team mates...and a good good SV)
#2. PCS (its another killer sub..but oh well..hopefully not tat cham...)
#3. placing for intern (i reallie hope i can get a company at least..huhu...min min..its finally my turn)
#4. i only know PCS and ETP...but i heard there are a few killer sub too..but i dunno nya..
#5. hmmm..i think thats all..hahaha :P

my new resolutions for next sem!

#1. sleep late but wake up early
#2. dun ponteng class (nae..hopefully we two guai guai go to class together..hahaha....)
#3. build up a better personality
#4. be a good gurlfriend..T.T
#5. be a gentle girl!!! (Whee!!! cannot be noisy noisy gurl d..hahahaha...i take the challenge up!)
#6. save money..(i am broke...huhu)
#7. always happy!! happy and happy!
#8. can hang out with coursemates more often...(we should go gai gai ler..)
#9. tat's all i can think of it now wor...

miss you guys so now..very semangat aka looking forward to start my NEW LIFE!!!!!
hope i wont regret saying tat..hahaha

my beloved coursemates....

my roommie....wen wen..eileen..and also those that went to internship..

(hope we will still be as close after 1 year o)

and of lil duckling...

(hope to have another memorable trip oh! )

3 comments on "NeW SeM...NeW ReSoLuTioN !"

xox `Lyng` xox on July 12, 2009 at 7:07 PM said...

haha must go class everyday lo. if i dun go (lazy) nag me till i get up from the bed. haha!

must jia you dy. so bad my results. =(

~CaLLy~ on July 13, 2009 at 1:10 AM said...

hahahahahhaah!!! hopefully i am not the one that persuade u not to go to class..huhu...=(

jia you jia you..sama sama jia you!!!

wendy on July 14, 2009 at 10:10 PM said...

ly-ly~~~ all the best in ur new sem ^^ I miss the time hanging in ur room so much la T_T hopefully can do it again after 1 year ^^


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