Monday, July 13, 2009

random post..haha.

Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 3:40 PM
the inner mind chat..between cally and lil angel inside her..
*the font in gray - cally, the font in yellow- lil angel*
now..the inner mind chat begin!!!!!!
huhu..just saw the ETP list...sigh...
k's not the time to be depressed! u haven even start ur new semester yet! haha...buck up!!! jia you jia you...
i have lotsa things to do..within this one week...but just dun have the mood yet..T.T kinda depressed..
wat is this!!! huhu..cheer up cally! those are nothing! just enjoy ur life..every step u memorable and meaningful..thus enjoy every single step of it!!!!
yeah! u are right! i should enjoy every single thing tat i do! this will only make what i have done meaningful and worth it!!!! =)
k..let me list down the things that i need to do.. =)
yup! list it out...and do what u can!!!!!!!!!try ur very best and i blv CALLY CAN DO IT! >.<
list of things to be done within this short short ONE week :
1. letter for cross culture programme..have to translate from malay to english.haha..kinda lazy..but it is my responsibility! no LAZYNESS is allowed here
2. resume...waa..reallie delay this for quite some time ady..but now..i must find my certs first!!! and i think i have a lil difficulties in it..why? refer to number 7..then u will know why..T.T
3. etp ideas ..haha..where to get o...sigh..i dun think i will think of any ...nope..cally must have the positive vibre here...I CAN DO IT!
4. contact with etp group mates ..haha...why? cause my infomation in elearning is have to tell them first..but i might do it fri! hahaha
5. bake chocolate brownies (hopefully i make it..=) )
6. download the soft copies of lecture notes in elearning but hmm..have to do it when i get my laptop back..currently using uncle's one..mine is wit my UNITEN. arent i good? hehe.
7. repack my luggage....apparently my cousin play hide and seek with me..she practically hid all my clothes and some small small stuff..which now..i cant reallie remember which thing actually went MIA! kinda terrible right! T.T if i know which item is will make the task slightly easier...sobz sobz..
8. oih! arrange timetable...huhu...but i need to wait for my laptop also..haha...
9. go shop for my new sport shoes! you know what...i think i change my shoes every semester..WHY? cause they cant last long..huhu..guess i walk to much har? or i dunno how to walk? grrrr
10. watch as much series as i can! haha....must enjoy first..and leave the task number 1 to number 9 alone first....until it is reallie last min..only do! mwahahhaha..evil me..
hmmm..i think there are still lotsa things ..but OH WELL....better be short and swheet huh? haha..tho i hardly think that 10 tasks on hand is SHORT lor but.....watever....
i will now currently...

3 comments on "random post..haha."

xox `Lyng` xox on July 13, 2009 at 11:48 PM said...

ya u walk to much. walk to irc everyday! hahahahahah.

Jming on July 14, 2009 at 12:48 AM said...

Sigh.. i am so disappointed in you cally tsk tsk tsk

~CaLLy~ on July 14, 2009 at 12:54 AM said...

renae : ler..u know why i go irc...cause...i lazy wanna walk i will stay there till no choice..have to go back..only willing to walk back..hahahaha :P

jming : why why? why disappointed in me!!!!


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