Friday, July 24, 2009


Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 1:27 PM
finally...its weekend!!! i cant blv that week 1 is coming to an many things yet to be done...i still do not know what project should i do for my etp. pening-nya.. and most importantly..i haven even finish doing my RESUME!!!! ya ya..i procastinate it till now..sigh.

since its saturday..and being a boring person...yeah..i do not have any plan..thus, i slept till nice.. i mean..i reallie miss those 13 hours sleep..>.< i am reallie a piggy huh...

hmmmph... toh its ONLY week 1..i have been quite busy...imagine nearly everyday i have etp meeting ( not a bad thing tho..haha...this shows that my group members have a very super duper high spirit!! mwahahaha) ...AND.. i still have my gamelan practice every night..haha! finally..i am learning new songs..whee!!!!

now here come to the rantings of mine d...

waaaa....third year first semester is definitely a headache to many tough tough subjects..ONE transport phenomena is enough for me to go hay-wired d...sigh...and i actually fell asleep in the first class or process plant design! WHAT a GOOD start for me huh!?

but...i also did play alot geh this week...went ipoh with coursemates..will soon update bout tat IF i have pictures of it..hehe...>.< go pasar malam....etc etc..

haha! should bath now....ETP meeting in 5 hours time...and have to research bout my project..hopefully..its feasible.....and good! whee!!!!!

missing my lil joel very much...huhu...wanna carry and -yang-yang him...

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