Friday, August 21, 2009

a new beginning...

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Friday, August 14, 2009


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finally, its the end of the 3rd week...and again...finally i have my own personal time... =) i had been missing those days when i had my semester hols and do not need to do any work at all...=(

somehow i hate being a third year ..why?

1. i have tonnes of assignments (and worst some of the lecturer are very strict..we cannot copy at all..else 0 marks will be given sigh..)

2. the lecturers are way to is a sincere of my lecturer is actually the south east asia top 10 ranking of that specific sub...imagine!! how high his expectation on us!!! i kinda pity him..cause whenever he teaches us..all of us will stare blankly at him. T.T cant blame us..our foundation is not strong.....

3. applying for is another headache..but till now, i dun reallie feel it yet..cause i haven even complete my resume..nyah!

4. meeting...meeting...and meeting for etp project! haha..but i am very happy to work with my current team mates....they are very good!

but despite me hating being a 3rd year still needs to go on...and i am very lucky to have my coursemates, friends and family besides me =) they are the ones that will always brighten up my days!!! hehe

tomoro my roomiie (currently intern...not renae) will be coming back...together with my ex housemates! reallie looking forward for their arrival!!!!!


Friday, August 7, 2009

happy post!!!

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okay just a quick update!

my clock now shows that its 4.37 am...AM...what i am doing? so 'early' ..instead of lying down on my comfy bed....i actually have my eyes stared at my beloved laptop..

i would wanna sleep now..but currently..too excited to sleep! i actually finished my PPD assigments and my ETP survey form! haha..after much delayed..finally its done!

oh well, i cant reallie say its complete..why?

1. my ans are not necessarily correct, need to compare with friends. sigh..keep my finger crossed. i dont want my effort to be down the drain!
2. i din reallie complete my assignments...but..ahaha..i got leave some blanks to it..huhu..just cant answer them...

and now..i am addicted to the taiwan drama series, Silent..yeah i know..its a old old old series...somehow..i just wanna watch it again since during my foundation years, i din managed to complete watching it..i might as well..ahaha.. =)

so, now...i left my resume undone..and of course..ETP proposal..sigh...i hope i will be able to do my resume 'today' ...
oh..i need to find back all my assignments, practically after doing it, i simply chuck it.haha!!

whee! i am soooo happy!

so hungry right now...T.T

Thursday, August 6, 2009


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hols coming to an end....what have i done? good question...

tasks that have been completed :

1. CPDC tutorial and assignment
2. TP assignments (some questions are left to be ponder - plus bro mitt says that my theory is not logic....T.T do equivalent to..NO DO!!!! shake head..cant accept the fact...sigh)
3. EE assignments (thanks to bro job is just to compile it..wheeeeeeee)

tats all! completed all this within one day de..sigh..wasted lotsa time...

tasks that are still hanging :

1. RESUME (omg..) and passport i dunno where to take the pic..should i just take in IPOH?
2. PPD assignment and mini project
3. Etp proposal survey ( reallie lazy lar)

i think..tats all? order to do the PPD assignment..should i study first ...or just do it? lazy la..i think i just do it..IF the answers can be find in lecture notes...

and....i received a phone call from aunty saying that bro's coming back....unfair!!! just when i got to go bro's uni got closed down! i wanna play with him!!! T.T miss my bro so much...

meeting him in 2 hours time...whee..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 work work!

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12.30 am to 11.15 could anyone sleep for so long? dun be surprised! there are ppl who are able to sleep so long...and the person is so happen to be ME!!!! sigh...i am supposed to wake up at 7...but.unknowingly...when i open my eyes..the clock struck 11.15am...sigh i have lotsa things undone..this surprised 1 week holiday due to the outbreak of H1N1 are supposed to make me complete all the hanging task...but...BUT...i shall say no more bout this..@~@

list of homework to complete :

1. TP tutorialS and assignment
2. CPDC tutorial and assignment
3. Survey list for ETP
4. A visit to Malaysia Blind Association
5. PPD assignments and mini project
6. my resume and passport pic to be taken ( sigh..this wan..reallie headache)

Task number 1,2,5 can only complete after i study the chapters...and...i haven start..T.T
task number 3..will be peanuts...huhu..task number 4 ...i need to complete the survey and make an appointment with usual..P.R.O.C.A.S.T.I.N.A.T.I.N.G....

cally...wake up from ur lala land....please be productive!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

my outing with lil duckling =)

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hehe..had a fantastic outing with lil duckling yesterday =)

we went to Time Square and had our lunch at Plaza BBQ..but apparently ..lil duckling was not reallie fond of the food served there. He said its too blend.. but to me...its simply delicious! both of us ate 2 sets where 3 bowls of rice are served. i was pretty shocked that practically both of us managed to finish the food!

then, off we go to the first we wanna watch Harry Potter 6, but since it's only both of us, we decided to watch The Proposal cause its a romance movie..haha's a very enterntaining movie! highly recommended...haha..reallie super funny but again, romance movie are always very ...yeah ..i mean it..VERY predictable =) but aside from the movie, me myself practically enjoy the company that i had too =) love the moment where ME stuffed all the popcorns to lil duckling! whee!!!!! but of course, lil duckling too had his moment too =)

aft movie, we went to Kimarie salon cause lil duckling wanna had his hair cut! while waiting for him..i actually slept...@~@ haha..reallie..a pig..sigh..

next, we go to the photo sticker shop..i would say.....its kinda to jb..the machine in Time Square are so out-dated! serious! imagine, u have to hold this device, and when u are ready to have ur photo shoot, u must press the upper button. and u can see the CANON digital camera inside the machine..haha! but i would say, i rather enjoy myself with the manual photo shoot and lil duckling ...taking our own sweet time cam whoring, since there was no time limit! i would say, throughout the day, this is the best moment i had!

haha..aft all the photo shoot..... i saw this Kindori ice cream shop..and itchy hand and mouth, i decided to buy the green tea ice-cream which cost me RM 6.90. hmm..i would say..not bad...but if given another chance, i wont have green tea, but instead..the raspberry flavor! hehe... they used the real fruits to make the ice sure i am? cause they will do it in front of u! cool right?

since amy and chang hua always say that krispy kremes (haha! thanks renae for the we decided to try it out...we bought 3 flavors, which are the original, new york cheesecake, and hersheys cookies doughnuts. okay..i would say that it's reallie over-rated, its way too sweet to my liking =( same goes to lil duckling...

after all those playing and eating, finally it comes to an end..i would say, i reallie enjoy myself!

now, lil duckling is happily on the bus sleeping..heading towards redang with his mechi gang..>.<

will be missing him lots =(

Saturday, August 1, 2009

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HE is with me...24 hours..till monday night..hope the T.I.M.E to just stop now. =)

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