Thursday, August 6, 2009


Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 6:25 PM
hols coming to an end....what have i done? good question...

tasks that have been completed :

1. CPDC tutorial and assignment
2. TP assignments (some questions are left to be ponder - plus bro mitt says that my theory is not logic....T.T do equivalent to..NO DO!!!! shake head..cant accept the fact...sigh)
3. EE assignments (thanks to bro job is just to compile it..wheeeeeeee)

tats all! completed all this within one day de..sigh..wasted lotsa time...

tasks that are still hanging :

1. RESUME (omg..) and passport i dunno where to take the pic..should i just take in IPOH?
2. PPD assignment and mini project
3. Etp proposal survey ( reallie lazy lar)

i think..tats all? order to do the PPD assignment..should i study first ...or just do it? lazy la..i think i just do it..IF the answers can be find in lecture notes...

and....i received a phone call from aunty saying that bro's coming back....unfair!!! just when i got to go bro's uni got closed down! i wanna play with him!!! T.T miss my bro so much...

meeting him in 2 hours time...whee..

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