Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~EDX booth decoration~

Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 3:50 AM
ahhh...its 3.52 am...later in few hours time..i am going to present for EDX...

oh yeah...
my group is choosen to EDX

my dream comes true... first, we wouldnt want to decorate the 2 panel board given to us..but..due to peer pressure....(yala! nearly all group go to chansellor hall and decorate their panels wei..seriously..the hall is very packed with people and very very happening...) thus, we decided to decorate our board...zzzz

actually, i did some decoration stuff in my room..starting at around 10pm...doing it while watching Orphan with renae..(imagine how many times i screamed) and thank you renae for helping me to cut the alphabets.. =)

then around 11 pm..i received call from amy asking me to go to the hall now..since many many ppl are decorating it....
after hearing that....quiiiiiiiiickly i went to chansellor hall..with my half done stuff.....and reached there around 11.20 pm..
yeay..i FLY..

with my other 2 members, we do do do.....and our leader come and help out a bit later...

-happily doing work-
(kenzo, bucat and me)

we finally finish decorating the 2 panels..
we actually do till 3.30 am tau... slow kan?

but the result is very very satisfying...
again..ETP GROUP 80 are just so superb (blueks..i know..self praising..haha)

final result (without the poster..)
nice right?
so people...
please VOTE the best deco for my group...panel number 47 and 48
( number 8 lagi..ONG ah)
p/s : someone ask me to promote de..not me..definately NOT my idea
as if there is such award.zzzzzz

bucat, gagak(kenzo's roomie...he is not in our team..but he helped us out..very kind of him..thank you very much o!!!!) me and kenzo..

seriously hearts my group members very much
so enthusiastic!

~wish me luck ppl for the presentation~

*prays hard that i did not screw up my least let me get a medal? huhu*
~ah..greedy me..~

2 comments on "~EDX booth decoration~"

RuGGers |8| on October 21, 2009 at 1:42 PM said...

best of lux wit ur edx!! n_n

~CaLLy~ on October 21, 2009 at 6:00 PM said...

HEHE..thank you rudi~


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