Monday, December 21, 2009

Selamat Tinggal Malaysia, Willkommen Deutschland!

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Guten Tag!!

Hey peeps!!! Sorry for the long delay!
I finally decided to stain my blog a bit...
it has been a long time since i last update..hehe.....pure laziness...

I hope it is not too late to post these pictures...


(last day- Pavillion)



(first day- Frankfurt International Airport)

on my first day of arrival, I saw the virgin snow. Lucky, no?

hahaa! beautiful snow~

ah..i need to go out now-to see my new room =) I am reallie very excited!!

I shall update about my days in KLIA, my Day 1 and a few small trips I the next post..



Friday, December 11, 2009

~emo emo~

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It seems like only yesterday I received an email by Mr Affendy regarding the acceptance of my internship training in BASF, SE. I can still remember it very clearly, how happy and excited I was when I received the email. Imagine how fast the time flies...

I can't blv that I will be flying off a brand new world in 48 hours time. From study environment to working environment..It is indeed a big step for me =) Quote from Amy, " We are no longer in the comfort zone"

This would be my second time flying so far away...Germany...sounds so foreign to me right now. I always wanted to go to intern as fast as I can, which explained the reason why I kept on pushing the person-in-charge just to get my work done, and to rush for the past 2 weeks...(getting my visa, get some documents done, etc etc) but now...I just hope that the time to stop for a moment. I wished to stay at home, lazying around, despite how I hated it at first, when most of my friends had started their internship already.

I wished I could spend a quality time with my family. Guess, I am the person who take things for granted- have holidays for more than 2 weeks but have not really go out with family .However, at least, I will be spending my time with both my mum and brother later...going out to get some last min stuff =) I am really lucky to be born in this family although there are some problems. But, because of this, I am who I am right now. =) Appreciate it very much. I love my mum. She sacrifices a lot for me and my brother. And now, she help me fork out some money which is so impossible for me to do it alone even though her bank is nearly empty...just because of me...same goes to my grandma and aunt too..without them...I cant imagined how am I going to start my internship there.. hehe..

There are many questions lingered around my mind right now. Will I survive there? Will I be really happy when I am there? Will I still be very playful and able to play around despite being alone? Going to a new place alone, is really not easy. It's tough. Especially when I cannot share the excitement to someone besides will be very lonely. Just by thinking about that, makes me a little nervous. But looking at the bright side, at least for the first one and the half month, I have my seniors there. I am quite lucky that Carmen is one of my seniors. =) She continuously guide me even though she is busy with her work. Seriously, without her guiding me, I will be so so lost =) Thank you very very much! Guess I will continue to disturb her for the first one month paiseh..hehe

To be honest, I am afraid that I am not what my supervisor expected me to be. But, worrying here will not help me at all. I should try my very best to complete the work and not to disappoint him. Hopefully I am able to do it. Yosh!

Let me see..with 1% of cooking knowledge (yeah.. i RARELY cook....), how much will I improved for this 8 months...we shall see...and everyone been saying that I am very immature, so how much will I changed for the better within this 8 months....we shall see bout it too..

There are so much things I wanted to do there. I want to play, travel around, learn how to bake cakes ( really want to try doing this), etc etc...really hope that i am able to do that when I am there ... n.n

ahh...guess I still got the excitement of going to intern after-all. :P regardless of so many emoness inside me right now...

hopefully everything goes,the most important thing is that hopefully my luggage wont be giving me any problem in the airport this coming Saturday..or else....huhu

I will definitely miss you all


I already starting to miss you all~

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Watches...Watches...and Watches...

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Welcome to the SOLVIL TITUS MODELING 2009!

Now, I present to you...
the models for the fantastica and marvelouso SOLVIL TITUS watch!

*Pooh-san, Terry-san, Polo-san and Mellon-san*

~Different types of watches, each with their own theme and uniqueness,
will be modeled by the lovely models...

now...the MODELING begins!!

Love 1 : Sweetness

Love 2 : Friendship

Love 3 : Classic

Love 4: Royalty

Love 5: Power

Last but not pic of the models with the fantastica watches~

~of sweetness, friendship, classic, royalty, and power...the superb formula for a lovey lovey life~


to win a free watch, please log on to
you just need to drop a comment on the website!
as easy as ABC

p/s : having headache of not knowing what to give for this coming Christmas? wait are u waiting for...just walk into any City Chain outlets to find the perfect watch!


ahh.....sorry guys but the i took the pictures all by myself..and being an unskilled photographer..this is the result..huhu....
i am so bored till i took out all my auntie's watches and started to write this.....

anyway...the contest is REAL....just is so easy!!! why waste the chance? hehehe..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~free movie tickets~

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Yippee! I got 2 complimentary pass to Ninja Assasin movie...(thank you aunt! )
hehe...can watch movie for free~ whee~

since i will be going to Time Square with mum today, i want to watch this movie together with has been a long time since she watched movie in cinema.. >.<

will tell her later in the morning..hopefully she wanted to watch it....
if not mistaken..the last time i watched movie with her in cinema was during my secondary school 'era'.....hmmm Lord Of the Ring part II or part III..cant reallie remember..

if she agree to watch it..i am sure it will be a wonderful memory =) hehe.. cant wait to tell her!!!!

note: i must wake up early ...MUST!!!!

IMPORTANT : anyone interested in getting a brand new blackberry curve 8900 at RM 1200?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

winnie the pooh ear muff!!!

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yeay! finally..i bought myself a videocam..logitech..RM 99..whee! happy happy!!!!

and today...aunt 'give' aka 'borrow' me her Winnie the Pooh ear muff..

~Me HEARTS Pooh~

thus, with the brand new web cam...i cam whore with the cutie cutie ear muff!!

present to you..

the winnie the pooh ear muff....

cute right? hihi..i love it at the first sight..

heh...couldn't resist the temptation to wear it and cam whore...

luckily i am 21 ..thus..can wear such ear muff...*evil grin*

aren't i lucky? my auntie is just so so nice~ love her very much~ whee!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

what a crazy day

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fuuuuh....i had done something reallie crazy yet awesome =)

i had a one day trip to my uni(Perak)..and back home(KL) at the same day!!! >.<

so, what did i do in UTP..

1. went to SIIU to apply for my insurance for my internship in germany, which cost me RM 818 ( freaking expensive!) and also to collect my undertaking letter. but, in the end, i din managed to get my letter..they said that they will scan and mail it to me..and then post the original copy to my house.hahaha..

2. went to ESU to change my home address..ahh..i have been procrastinate this matter for quite sometime d..finally i get it done

3. went to ITMS office to change some details in my student portal

4. went to block o to meet Mr Ahmad..just to give back my gamelan baju kurung..haha

5. went to block 5, have a nice chat with Dr Nurul Hassan...He reallie deserved to get the most dedicated lecturer of Chemical Department. =)

6. went to block 4, wanted to meet Dr Rachid to thank him..for his help to edit all my resume etc..but he was not in the office..then wanted to meet Dr Kuzilati to ask her regarding my task for internship..since it is bout free-radical polymerization kinetics and determination of transfer constants, a subject related to Reaction Engineering..but she is pretty much occupied by her FYP meet her. =S

7. went to V4 Fellow Office just to get submit my key..haha

ahhh....i reallie go around UTP just to get my stuff done =) luckily i gt amy's bicycle..else i would be so so lazy to walk around UTP... :P

i always tot that i need to report duty for internship in SIIU on the 7 December...thats why before i left UTP on the 28th, i actually keep some stuff in my room...and now..i need to bring it back...

these are the things that i brought back home...all by myself..AWESOME kan?
one trolley bag..2 hand carry bags, 2 pillows, 1 pail..and 1 bag pack (which is not in the pic)

i called the tronoh fetch me to sri iskandar station...and paid RM 12 for it..sigh...very expensive! seriously..VERY expensive but do i have a choice? No...huhu..
then i waited the bus for 1 hour plus...and luckily, the bus driver helped me to put all the luggages inside the small small compartment..=)

then, reached Pudu..again, the bus driver helped me to take out all my luggages...hihi..then i called aunt..and as i walk to a place to meet up with my aunt, everyone stared at me...huhu..
and finally, i safely reached home..




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