Friday, January 15, 2010

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ahhh..result is finally out..huhu~
I am surprised that this semester, i hardly have the TENSION while waiting for the result....

how is my result?

it's kinda disappointing as I got a B+ for PPD...
PROCESS PLANT DESIGN...a definitely score A subject..

anyway...overall my result improve so its okay..
just tat...m feeling not tat happy nya..hahaha...not contented..
greedy me

Monday, January 11, 2010


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Tears trickled down as we bid goodbye

thank you Carmen and Lukman for your care throughout these 3 weeks

Saturday, January 9, 2010


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it is tiring after come back from work

it is even more tiring when you are polite to someone and the someone wanna find fault on you

it is so tiring that i don't wanna give a damn anymore

and is about you

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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short update.

I have start my work after having such a long break...
Apparently, I am now much more confident in talking with the ppl in BASF. I am more brave to greet people with a great smile and I wont feel so awkward greeting them in German. only greeting. I can't converse in German yet..T.T
I am also no longer afraid to ask questions...LOTSA questions to my lab technician, able to understand a lil more on what is he doing...
and most importantly, I learn to love my work. =)

To those who doesn't know, basically my work is more to research-based. I focused more on chemistry instead of chemical engineering stuff. I do hands on experiment, mixing all the chemicals . Just like what we do during my secondary time but of couse, more detailed and systematic. Like duh~

Before this, I used to regret that I am not able to learn more about Process Control and Process Plant Design work. I was hoping to have the chance to learn something which can be applicable for my Final Year Project and Final Year Design Project. So, I won't be so so blur during my final year

However, after i chat with my house mate who is currently a Master Thesis student in BASF, I feel that it is good after-all to actually learn new stuff or stuff that is not really related to my course! By doing so, I can see things in the broader view. I will be able to have a better analytical thinking. I am keeping my finger cross that I will be able to do it!

I remember the sentences my house mate said to me,
" No results doesn't mean that you did not get any results. In fact, the truth is, you already gain a result. You know why you did not managed to get the results that you wanted. "
'One must be willing to learn heartily and no matter what knowledge it is, the knowledge that one gain is definately useful '
What she said actually make me realised a lot of things!
I am glad to meet her.

And most shocking and delightful thing is that, today, my supervisor told me that he want me to learn from the technician who is currently doing a small project regarding on process control. It involved a small reactor. The different is that, I am definitely not in plant but I am doing the work of experimenting the process to make sure that it is able to scale up for industrial purposes! Its so so like process control but in the research way. So, learning about this is not bad after all! hehe and I will be doing my own project soon...SOON..

Working life makes me more disciplined.
Now, in my new house, I wake up at 5.50 am and make breakfast with my housemate then head of to work at 6.45 am. I start working at 7.30 am and usually I will go back either at 4.30pm or 5 pm or sometimes later, depending on my lab technician.
I do not have a fixed time, as long as I work 7.5 hours perday, or 37.5 hours perweek.

What we usually have for breakfast is toast, sausages and cornflakes.
I never eat so much for breakfast but you guys can imagine how much weight have I put on. huhu~
and for lunch and dinner, I cooked too!

How I cook for lunch? and my housemate cook double portion for dinner and we just tapao some of it for our next day lunch...clever right? and the food is so healthy. I definitely have a vege, meat, rice and another dish (either soup or egg or etc) But, this will last till the end of January since my housemate and her fiancee will be leaving in the month of Feb.
hahaha...I wonder if I can do this all by myself!
I cant give up! yeay! i kinda kinda enjoy cooking..

tats all for my rumbling..but i feel like saying this loudly:

I am loving my job now!

p/s : My supervisor talk to me more often already =) eventho its all work related....hahahhaa but better than no talk at all~ this is a good start!


Sunday, January 3, 2010


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It is finally year 2010

i just got back from my Christmas trip!
I apologized for not updating my blog for quite some time d.hehe.. u guys miss me? yes? yes? *puppy eyes*

hehe..I went to 4 places for the past 2 weeks together with Carmen and Pui!
and i spend quite a lot! Around 500 euro...

The places that I went are Strassbourg, Luxembourg, Bruxelles, and also Paris... and guess wat? I had my New Year count down at Eiffel Tower!!!!
~Tee Hee~

First Destination : Strassbourg
Second Destination : Luxembourg

Third Destination : Bruxelles (Chocolate Paradise)

Fourth Destination : Paris

New Year Count Down!

Me, Carmen and Pui..actually took 11 gig of pictures throughout the 2 weeks trip..
and i just realised my computer do not have that much of space to put my pictures..

I am DESPERATE in need of a hard disk!
Anyone kind enough to give me an external hard disk as a gift and sent it over?
huhu~hard disk here is so so expensive T.T sobx~

Anyway, i just went to bank and i finally received my FIRST PAY from BASF!!!!
but it's not 800 euro...i got 440 euro instead since i just work for 1 week only....=)

hip hip HURRAY!!

and right after withdrawing my money...i actually bought myself an Esprit sport shoe,which cost me 40 euro as my first gift!

hehe i am reallie good in pampering myself... =.=

Don't worry guys, I managed to get my souvenirs for u all d =)
I do not forget all of u when i am out there playing oh~
So please...dun forget me too.. *hint hint*

There are so much to update about.grrr
I will be shifting to my new house tomoro!
Both me and Carmen have A LOT of stuff..luckily my landlord and landlady will be fetching us =) they are good ppl!!!!

I am so so excited to move out since my new house is so big and pretty~
there will be 2 singaporeans staying there too! =) They are very friendly as well...
how lucky am i to get a room there =)

this is part of my room...however i will be staying in this room for 1 month since the rental is much higher compare to the other room.. =)

Guess how much is the rental? it's only 240 euro..but for the next 6 months...i will be changing to a 220 euro room which is also a very beautiful room!!!!!

I will be posting more pictures bout my trip maybe day after tomoro, if I am not that tired..

moving house is not an easy task tau!
plus i need to start my work this coming monday
so please give me some time..hahhahaa

there are so much things to post...
let me list it down in case i forgotten bout it

2. Mannheim Christmarkt
3. First Shopping in Heidenberg
4. Christmas Trip


wait for my updates!!!!!

love u guys! muacxxxx

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