Sunday, February 28, 2010

never underestimate SPRING~

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ahhh...i have been a notti gurl lately...
last fri, i arrived home at 1 am...hehe...of course with a valid reason...because i attended the cell group and that's the only available train for me to be at home:P
and on saturday..again..i arrived home at 1 am....

cause i attended the Chinese New Year Celebration, in Heidelberg...
being a good gurl..mwahahha..
I went to support my friend who will be singing..

he sang ...reallie well..gosh it's reallie unbeliavable!!!

and managed to see the gu zheng performance....hehehe

and now, in's the SPRING season!!!!

the weather is getting warmer, so i decided to wear lesser clothes!!!

this is what i wore during that celebration night...

after taking out the jacket...

I always wanted to wear a skirt..but as i am working in skirts are allowed...T.T
so....thinking that the weather is getting is TIME for me to wear one...

and i regretted it !!!! even tho the temperature is 10 it is so so windy...
no more skirt for now.. it's not the time yet~

i arrived home safely..and keep on sneezing non stop...huhu~
this is the sacrifices that i need to make...T________T

Friday, February 26, 2010


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is occupying my heart right now

Thursday, February 25, 2010

First attempt of Korean mee

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quoted from Thomas A. Edison,

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work

thus, I will not give up on cooking...eventho many ppl said my soup is like washing water..

~this is my menu for tonight~


korean mee + black pepper pork +red date tea + grapes

my first attempt of korean mee ...ALL BY MYSELF~

tho it doesn't taste as good as Ivy's one....but i am very satisfy with this!

does it looks good to you?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

which board is nicer?

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which board is NICER?



comment please!

mwahahahhaha :P

Monday, February 15, 2010

Me heartz this!

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Me seriously heartz these pictures! *wink wink~*

hahahha!!!! feeling weird?
how I managed to get these pictures ..when I am supposed to be alone in Germany?


I met a group of Cambodians in Speyer!!!
And randomly, join them to tour around Speyer!
What a pleasant trip I had together with them!!

~Pictures Time~

-in Technical Museum-
Lotsa aeroplanes, space ships, cars, etc
*not going to put all the cars , aeroplane, space ships pictures here..*

-in Domplatz-


Sunday, February 14, 2010


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being in far far away land does not stop me from celebrating this festival! like duh~

how did i celebrate?
it is a pity that Germany does not have ANY chinatown..
but...when there is a will, there is a way..

hmmm....everyone looks busy..
what are they all doing..*wonder wonder*


-dumplings + seaweed + grapes-

~one big family celebrating New Year Eve~
a place that gives me a sense of belonging..>.<
-spot me!-

and of course...on New Year (Germany time : dinner time..LOLX) ...I cook good food too with creme, egg and potato~
* mwahahahhahaahaa..retards, dun be shocked!!*

asides from that, I actually prepare this for my colleagues in BASF

hehehhe....let us all SPREAD OUR LOVE during CNY

here, I wish everyone a Prosperous New Year!!!!!!!

p/s : remember my ang pow k? *wink wink*

Friday, February 12, 2010

crazy me not!?

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I think...I am crazy already...
While staring at the Microsoft Excel and listening to songs in E002,
I can grin like an idiot....
and i dunno why =.=
and worst..i just could not stop grinning...
I wonder if my lab technician saw me grinning like this..
huhu..better not ..else he will start telling my sv this :
'The intern from Malaysia, work in the lab till the wires in her head loose already!'

Monday, February 8, 2010

My updates in Germany

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It has been such a long long time since my last update..please forgive me for my pure laziness..I have plenty to blog about, just that I am lack of the time to blog about it.

Being here in Germany is just so great! I get to know lots of friends.
And when you get to know lots of friends,
you will naturally get to say many GOODBYES to them...

I am here..for just 2 months, and I had 2 farewells already..

First, it is of course Carmen and Lukman....

-Me and Lukman...-

-Me and Carmen-

and second will be my Singaporean housemates, Ivy and Charles...

-Charles and Ivy-

Both Ivy and Charles seriously took good care of me..
because of them, I managed to eat Asian Food eventho I am in a faraway land...
I even think that the amount of Asian food I have here is more and better compare to my friends who are currently Malaysia..heh..(no offense)

what food did I have during my stay with them..
let the pictures do the talking..

1. Carbonara

2. Tenpayaki

3. Gyoza (dumplings)

4. Clay pot Rice without claypot+tom yam soup

5. Char Siew
6. Korean Sesame Mee

7. Loh Mai Kai

8. Steam Rice with Char Siew

9. Chicken Herbal Soup

10. Chinese New Year Bahu Rolls ( we made the bahu our own k..)

11. German Salad

12. German Food (Saumagen....etc)

13. Grill Fish, Potato, Chicken Wings

with all these delicious food.....
of course...I have to pay with a great price

( received a lot of comment bout me getting Facebook)

okhay....enough bout food...
continue my farewell thingy

Charles, Ivy Carol, Cally
The 3 C's in the Guesthouse!

-Charles and I-

-Ivy and I-

-Terry, Ivy Ted, Charles Ted, and Yuki-
(ps : yuki is my new usagi..gave by Ivy)

-this is the card I made for them heh-
(confession : the rabbit...i copy from the paperer..heh..)

Tears flow greatly when we bid goodbye....
really miss both of them =/
but life has to go on right?
It is now the time for me to grow up and be matured >.<

lucky for me, I have 2 new housemates and they are equally nice!
happy happy

oh yar....mum..i know you are reading this..haha..don't worry, eventho both Ivy and Charles are back to Singapore..I still is definitely NOT instant noodles

1. Spaghetti

2. Rice+ Vege+ Chicken

Not bad laa...for a beginner like me right right? ehhehe..

Besides that,
I have move to Junior Suite...
a smaller room compare to Kaminzimmer... is equally comfty...

U guys shall be the judge whether my room worth 232.25 euro o not..mwahahha
of course...I have kitchen (all pots and utensils are provided!), washing machine, heater,FAST internet connection etc

Junior Suite- My room

I even have a TV, HiFi Set, CD Player, DVD Player in MY room bed

soo.....with this...I am pretty sure that you all will be convince that I am living GOOD here..
of course there is up's and down's during my stay here
but..what is life then, without those challenges?

Tat's all for now!!!


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