Monday, March 29, 2010

Food..Fooooood..and FOOOOD

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My weekend trip in Regensburg and Munich!

I just got back from these 2 places....

and i ate a lot for the past 2 days...

Don't blv? see it urself then..

List of FOOOOOOOOD i had

#1. Sausages and Saurkrate (Regensburg)

#2. Sample food..from the Regensburg Market...the Lamb Sausage

#3. Lamer something..cant remember..:P (munich)

#4. Pork Leg (munich)
p/s : barney! i wonder how will you finish this up..hahaha..i only ate...1/2 of it only..

#5. Mixed pan of duck, pork leg, pork knuckle (Munich)

#6. Ice cream and i had 2 of this..(Munich)

In case you guys have forgotten how i look like...

here is a picture of me (hehe :P )

PLeaSe ..remember me..
hahahahah :P

~will update more bout regensburg and munich soon~


Friday, March 26, 2010

This brighten up my day =)

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This brighten up my day..

~Back from work~


hehehe....first time received a personal letter...happy happy

~camwhore time~

* eyes looked so small...this is my face after work..=.=*

~time to open the letter~

ouuu..SO swheeeeetttttttt
Easter card! wheee....

who is the sender?

Thanks lot!!!!! I am really very happy =)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tae Yeon - Can you hear me?

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조금만 아파도 눈물나요

jogeumman apado nunmullayo
가슴이 소리쳐요
gaseumi sorichyeoyo
그대 앞을 그대 곁을 지나면
geudae apeul geudae gyeoteul jinamyeon
온통 세상이 그대인데
ontong sesangi geudaeinde
그대만 그리는데
geudaeman geurineunde
그대 앞에선 숨을 죽여요
geudae apeseon sumeul jugyeoyo

내게 그대가 인연이 아닌 것처럼
naege geudaega inyeoni anin geotcheoreom
그저 스치는 순간인 것처럼
geujeo seuchineun sunganin geotcheoreom
쉽게 날 지나치는 그대 곁에
swipge nal jinachineun geudae gyeote
또 다가가 한 걸음조차
tto dagaga han georeumjocha
채 뗄 수 없을지라도
chae ttel su eobseuljirado

서성이게 해 눈물짓게 해..
seoseongige hae nunmuljitge hae..
바보처럼 아이처럼
babocheoreom aicheoreom
차라리 그냥 웃어버려
charari geunyang useobeoryeo

점점 다가 설수록
jeomjeom daga seolsurok
자꾸 겁이 나지만
jakku geobi najiman
이 사랑은 멈출 수가 없나봐
i sarangeun meomchul suga eomnabwa

왜 내 사랑만 더딘거죠
wae nae sarangman deodingeojyo
내 사랑만 힘들죠
nae sarangman himdeuljyo
그대 앞에 그대 곁에 있어도
geudae ape geudae gyeote isseodo
온통 세상이 그대인데
ontong sesangi geudaeinde
그대만 보이는데
geudaeman boineunde
그대 앞에선 난 먼 곳만 봐요
geudae apeseon nan meon gotman bwayo

내게 그대가 꼭 마지막 인 것처럼
naege geudaega kkok majimak in geotcheoreom
내게 마지막 순간인 것처럼
naege majimak sunganin geotcheoreom
쉽게 날 지나치는 그대 곁에
swipge nal jinachineun geudae gyeote
또 다가가 한걸음 조차
tto dagaga hangeoreum jocha
채 뗄 수 없을지라도
chae ttel su eobseuljirado

서성이게 해 눈물짓게 해
seoseongige hae nunmuljitge hae
바보처럼 아이처럼 차라리 그냥 웃어버려
babocheoreom aicheoreom charari geunyang useobeoryeo
점점 다가 설수록 자꾸 겁이 나지만
jeomjeom daga seolsurok jakku geobi najiman
이 사랑은 멈출 수가 없나봐
i sarangeun meomchul suga eomnabwa

먼 발치서 나 잠시라도
meon balchiseo na jamsirado
그대 바라볼 수 있어도
geudae barabol su isseodo
그게 사랑이죠
geuge sarangijyo

혹시 이 기다림이 이 그리움이
hoksi i gidarimi i geuriumi
닿을 때면 들릴 때면
daheul ttaemyeon deullil ttaemyeon
차라리 모른 척 해줘요
charari moreun cheok haejwoyo
그대에게 갈수록 자꾸 겁이 나지만
geudaeege galsurok jakku geobi najiman
이 사랑은 멈출 수가 없네요
i sarangeun meomchul suga eomneyo

English Translation

Even small pains make me teary
My heart cries out
When i pass by you
You are the whole world
i dream for only you
i hold my breath in front of you

just like you and i aren’t meant to be
just like it’s merely a moment passing by
You pass by me so easily
Even if i can’t go up
and take just a step

You make me walk around
You make me cry
Like an idiot, like a child
Just laugh it off

The closer i get
More scared i get
But this love cannot be stopped

Why is it just my love that is slow
Why is it just my love that is hard
Even if i’m by your side
You are the whole world
i look at only you
i stare into distance in front of you

Just like you’re the end for me
Just like you’re my last moment
You pass by me so easily
Even if i can’t go up
and take just a step

You make me walk around
You make me cry
Like an idiot,like a child
Just laugh it off

The closer i get
More scared i get
But this love cannot be stopped

From far away
if i can stare at you just for a moment
That is love

When this waiting and yearning
Gets you, and you can hear it
Just pretend nothing happened
The closer i get to you more scared i get
But this love cannot be stopped

*currently addicted to Tae Yeon's song..hehe.*

Click here to listen to the song

p/s : and the lyrics describe my feeling perfectly now

Friday, March 19, 2010

a conversation with barney

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a conversion between me and barney

cally : eh..where are u going this week?
barney : heidelberg
cally : hahaha very funny..faster say if u go to me buy something! ah..remember my handphone also!
barney : swt..
cally : i will tran..tran..transfer money for u if u dun have enough money..hehehehehe
barney : i will be going to kota bahru la..visit my friend for one day
cally : *frustrated* pleasela...dun lie d la..faster tell meee laaaa
barney : *double sweat* REALLIE LA...i din lie la....
cally : *eyes blink blink.......BURST OUT LAUGHING....*

luckily my monitor screen is large enough to cover my red tomato face.....
the image of barney going to kota bahru in UK....-.- bahhhh cannot tahan..too funny d
hahahaha :P

p/s : this is when cally is totally crazy....and sick...haha...another senseless post...zzzz

mario mario game!!

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it has been ages since i last play this game

yup yup! it is the Mario game!

i am very terrible in this game...
it is tat bad till my cousin can play better than me!

and i kinda love the mushroom.....very kawaiii!!!!

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i miss mr mario!!!!


Thursday, March 18, 2010


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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see...wat a cute packaging...
who wouldn't love it?
i can eat one bar perday!!!
>.< (p/s : the middle chocolate is specially made for easter day..i haven open it yet..hopefully it tastes good!)

and to miss amy,
this is the food that i cook today! hahah

Dish 1 : Fish Gratin...
(and...of course..i use the instant packet amy..i did not do it myself..not tat geng yet..mwahahahha)

Dish 2 : Broccoli
(amy..this i can say..i did it myself..din use instant wan...mwahahaaa :P)

actually, amy thought tat i cook my food from the scratch....using all those raw materials..but sorry to dissapoint u amy...i am not that 'power' to cook all those stuff without using instant packet...hahaha

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Isn't my sv cute?

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this is the graph tat he showed to me.....
look at the title of the y axis...

conclusion : my sv is so slumber and cute

Sunday, March 14, 2010

~A gift from London~

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~loving it very much~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ranting ranting

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ahh...I have gone thru...MEB, Chemistry II and Reaction Engineering lecture notes..
gosh..i have forgotten many stuff!!!! all the basic calculations ...zzzz

from 7.30 pm till 11.30 pm...
i did not just study..but i was entertained by my another roommie night activity...
what a healthy lifestyle he has...intensive exercise for nearly everyday.

and now i just realised..i haven eat my chicken burger yet...omgosh..i skip my dinner!!!
guess it shall be my lunch for tomoro~ heh..

=.= why there is so lil time..yet so many things to refresh?

*si beh boh song cause my sv gives me the excel sheet where i can get all the values easily..=.= he loses his hope on me liau~ *


jia you time..huhu~

p/s : thanks huat!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

~Another weekend~

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time passes very very is going to be the end of my another weekend =S thing for sure..
this weekend was definitely a memorable one.. =)

on Saturday, I went to Mannheim to meet my 2 friends as one of them wanted to cook for us to eat....

as we tot that the spring has come..we are real wrong bout it...apparently, it was snowing greatly...I never see such a heavy snow before! >.<

see how heavy the snow was!!!!

this is Guo Kai...he is from Heidelberg University.. a funny guy...but..very good in singing...
again and again I am impressed by his singing day i shall post his video here..

and this is Lu Shun....he is the CHEF for the day!! and....guess what? he is a doctor..currently taking his master in right? haha

after we met up, we went to Lu Shun's house...and he cooked for us lunch!

~cooking in action~

the FOOD
4 dishes...for 3 ppl...hahaha..

closed up pictures

dish number 1 :

dish number 2 :

dish number 3 :

dish number 4 :

one word to describe the foods..


agree? hehe...

then Lu Shun gave us the wet kawaii..and we all agreed that Guo Kai is the monkey ..hehehhee.. and they said tat i am the elephant..i still couldn't figure out the reason yet...and Lu Shun is the small mouse on the right side..

after eating, we chat till like 2 hours!!!!
then surprisingly, suddenly a group of JPA scholars from Malaysia came into his house as one of them will be staying with Lu Shun...

I was shocked when i knew that they were from Malaysian!!
hahaha! i can hardly find Malaysians was a lil excited!

as the weather got better (no more snow) , we went to Luisenpark

lu shun was our photographer that day, haha..but as the weather was very very cold, he went back home left me and Guo Kai exploring the lil park..

pictures time :

the park

then at night, we went to wassertum....then to the theater.. (i wanna watch swan lake ballad!!! but its on the 11th March...I will be on the way to london tat time =( wat a pity),
cinema (but din watch any movie cause there is no english subtitle), mac d...(had my 1 euro chicken burger)


then, we both went back home...
Guo Kai to Heidelberg
Me to Flomersheim..

and guess was not the END yet..LOLX....i had a chat with my housemate, Mario..and we both ended up watching the series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S till 1 am! hahahahahah and we will be having another at night..hahahahahaha

wat a wonderful weekend i had!


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