Friday, March 19, 2010

a conversation with barney

Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 11:30 PM
a conversion between me and barney

cally : eh..where are u going this week?
barney : heidelberg
cally : hahaha very funny..faster say if u go to me buy something! ah..remember my handphone also!
barney : swt..
cally : i will tran..tran..transfer money for u if u dun have enough money..hehehehehe
barney : i will be going to kota bahru la..visit my friend for one day
cally : *frustrated* pleasela...dun lie d la..faster tell meee laaaa
barney : *double sweat* REALLIE LA...i din lie la....
cally : *eyes blink blink.......BURST OUT LAUGHING....*

luckily my monitor screen is large enough to cover my red tomato face.....
the image of barney going to kota bahru in UK....-.- bahhhh cannot tahan..too funny d
hahahaha :P

p/s : this is when cally is totally crazy....and sick...haha...another senseless post...zzzz

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