Thursday, April 29, 2010


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'i wanna i wanna i wanna touch u
u wanna touch me too....'

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

pictures that craft smiles...

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i got this from my colleague...
i don't know about you guys...
but it definately brings smile on my face.. spend some time seeing these pictures bah...
it is definately worth your time seeing them :P


Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Nasi Lemak

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My Nasi Lemak

hahahaha....i cook again!
this time, my menu was....

sambal ikan dgn telur rebus!

oh my..i can still remember my malay :P

nyummy nyummy....i miss the sambal very much....
* i even take out some sambal and put in fridge for my future meals..*

spicy spicy hot hot during cold cold weather is love


Saturday, April 24, 2010

My FirSt

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My First Holy Bible

thank you shi qi, for the wonderful gift

i will be discipline and read it every night =)

Father in Heaven,
I pray to you that you will give clarity in my mind,
Please let me understand your words in the bible,
I pray for your guidance along the way.
In the name of Jesus I pray,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My day

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This conclude my first day of working after my nice weekends..

is it a good one?

i would say a BIG NO a few hours ago..but is a BIG YES

Early in the morning :

1. while preparing experiment..out of sudden, the 250ml volumetric flask broke...all solution spilled ...
2. out of 5 DSC pans, only 2 can be used, which caused the experiment to delay

In the afternoon :

1. received another shocking email regarding my evaluation presentation
2. discussion with fellow to persuade them to delay the presentation
3. collect the pans and dry them. while drying the pans, one fell off...and poof dissapear. have to repeat the experiment for that sample again tomoro
4. no more THF. Cant continue my analysis experiment tomoro

In the evening :

1. housemate told me that her relationship doesn't last
2. kitchen in the mess (but soon cleared up..)


I admit, I did have a teary session with my friend who called me up..
thank you for calling and showing me your concern...sorry for breaking down and complained about everything.....
thank you for able to understand why i wouldn't want to have my presentation so early.
It is not about lack of preparations etc..
but its because of something which not many able to understand it....but u do understand...i hope LOLX
THANK YOU for lending ur relieved me a lot =)

and thanks for those that patiently listen to my emo period in gtalk. arigatou..


the ONE thing..that reallie brightened up my day chat with my lil bro... =)
despite me being older, he did really well in consoling me ..
(even tho i was feeling much better aft my friend called me)

before we end the conversation.....he said something that really surprised me...

CaLLy says: =) u!!!

limjityang says: welcome love u too bye bye!

gosh..i din expect him to reply that...i expect a yerr from him

isnt my bro sweet?


love him to the max

what is life without those challenges?
I will now bravely face all the challenges ahead.

I blv this is the path God wants me to go through..
I understand that everything is planed by Him with a reason...
I have faith in Him.
Thank you God, for giving me a lovely and wonderful life...
for blessing me with wonderful family and friends

It will be a better day tomorrow =)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Snacks for CaLLy... (>.<)

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~My snacks~

yup yup! i bought a big packet of SNACKS!!!!

JusT FoR Me, Myself and I!

1. Korean Mee (udon and ramen)

2. Milka Choc (discounted price : 49 cent, usual price : 79 cent) and Rita Sports(2010 edition)

3. Bread Spread (paprika + chilli)

hahaha! don't worry bout my weight..i will on diet back in malaysia =)

oh mum, don't worry. I do not eat maggi everyday oh!
next post will be my baking chicken attempt =)


Friday, April 16, 2010

A shocking email..

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at sharp 1.14 pm, when i was happily doing my experiment...i received this email..

Dear all

I will be attending a Conference in Lyon from 17 May to 20 May. Thus I would like to take this opportunity to carry out your internship evaluation on 10 May to 14 May. I would appreciate if you could confirm the date.

Kind regards

Ir. Dr Idris Ismal

Head Student Industrial Internship

Universiti Teknologi Petronas

I am too shocked till I have no mood to continue 'rushing' my experiment..what ? evaluation in one month time?

For those who doesn't know, my internship will end on 7 July 2010..

FINAL PRESENTATION 2 months ahead before my internship ends?

Finishing final report, powerpoint before I could finish my project and report?

blur blur..hopefully this is the first internship visit laaa..don't want it to be final presentation...

and..i already book my train ticket to Italy on 30 April..I am supposed to go there till 6 May..and look..this sheeeet happen...what should i do laaaaa T_________________T

will God help me this time?


one word to describe my feeling will be :


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's Pick

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Ave Maria, gratia plena

Dominus tecum benedicta tu in mulieribus
Et benedictus fructus ventris tuis Jesus
Sancta Maria, Sancta Maria, Maria
Ora pro nobis
Nobis peccatoribus
Nunc et in hora, in hora mortis nostrae
Amen. Amen.

click here!!

*everyday, I will open you tube and listen to songs...or to be more should be song perday and listen to it Ave Maria by celtic woman.....*

loving it very much

p/s : celtic woman songs are all very fantastic...hahaha..


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I bought my train ticket to ITALY at the cheapest price i can find....hahahaha =)

and ..... today, i was randomly walking at NETTO (hypermarket) and i spotted this...movenpick 0.35 euro! gosh! so is usually 0.59 euro...(i know i sound like some aunty buying stuff...) so i gotten myself 2 of it..since the expiry date is 2 days later...hahhaha pamper myself..ONCE IN A WHILE.....i got myself this...

ice cream cake!
me hearts this..
despite the cold weather..i still eat it...wheee!!

tomoro will be a loong loong day...8 hours experiment....and rushing for analytic...hehe...

life is GREAT! wheeee

i'm loving it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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brrrr....cold day.....even my Paddington cannot stand the coldness....brrrrrrr

p/s : i hate rainning days

Monday, April 12, 2010


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suddenly, it struck to me that i will be a final year student in 4 months time...
and..i have yet to decide which major i would want to take......
oh my...i never think bout this ..NEVER in my life i used my brain so much just to plan my future....
but from what i can future is bleak

but there is still some time left for me to start thinking which major i would want to take
don't give up cally!

start planning..yosh!

the first step is to list down the major offered for chemical engineering

next is to do research on the major that i am interested

two options for me..
1) process plant design
2) process analysis and control

dilemma...dunno which want to take ....

i pray that i am able to know what i truly want....

Father in Heaven, please guide me and show me the right path that i am supposed to go..please give me strength and wisdom. Amen

Friday, April 9, 2010

devil computer

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Have been 'dating' with Microsoft Excel for 3 days non stop......
couldnt find the solution..

Conclusion : The computer is DEVIL....he seemed to enjoy seeing me suffering..

gonna explode soooooooooooooon......steam coming out from my head.......

hahahaha =)

My wish~

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My wish is to remain


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


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*back from my 5 days trip...and i saw this..*

*ouuwwww....wats that?*


*lindt chocolate!!!!*




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