Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My day

Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 2:49 AM

This conclude my first day of working after my nice weekends..

is it a good one?

i would say a BIG NO a few hours ago..but now..it is a BIG YES

Early in the morning :

1. while preparing experiment..out of sudden, the 250ml volumetric flask broke...all solution spilled ...
2. out of 5 DSC pans, only 2 can be used, which caused the experiment to delay

In the afternoon :

1. received another shocking email regarding my evaluation presentation
2. discussion with fellow friends....fail to persuade them to delay the presentation
3. collect the pans and dry them. while drying the pans, one fell off...and poof dissapear. have to repeat the experiment for that sample again tomoro
4. no more THF. Cant continue my analysis experiment tomoro

In the evening :

1. housemate told me that her relationship doesn't last
2. kitchen in the mess (but soon cleared up..)


I admit, I did have a teary session with my friend who called me up..
thank you for calling and showing me your concern...sorry for breaking down and complained about everything.....
thank you for able to understand why i wouldn't want to have my presentation so early.
It is not about lack of preparations etc..
but its because of something which not many able to understand it....but u do understand...i hope LOLX
THANK YOU for lending ur ears..it relieved me a lot =)

and thanks for those that patiently listen to my emo period in gtalk. arigatou..


the ONE thing..that reallie brightened up my day is...my chat with my lil bro... =)
despite me being older, he did really well in consoling me ..
(even tho i was feeling much better aft my friend called me)

before we end the conversation.....he said something that really surprised me...

CaLLy says: =) hehehe...love u!!!

limjityang says: welcome love u too bye bye!

gosh..i din expect him to reply that...i expect a yerr from him

isnt my bro sweet?


love him to the max

what is life without those challenges?
I will now bravely face all the challenges ahead.

I blv this is the path God wants me to go through..
I understand that everything is planed by Him with a reason...
I have faith in Him.
Thank you God, for giving me a lovely and wonderful life...
for blessing me with wonderful family and friends

It will be a better day tomorrow =)

5 comments on "My day"

Anonymous on April 20, 2010 at 7:35 PM said...

way to go cally's brother! :)

You know, I do agree with you. Initially, it's very hard for me to say love you to my brothers, considering how much they have bullied me in the past.

nowadays though, it's something that comes natural. What's more interesting, my brothers pm me too from time to time.

*yang li* cheer up ya. Bless you! :)


HuiMay on April 21, 2010 at 12:46 AM said...

All the best Cally. I wish my brother is more like yours! mine would still go like 'yuck' hhehe :)

Anonymous said...

haha maybe ur brother got gf already. Then he will reply love u too cause its habit already

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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