Friday, May 28, 2010

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i was in the midst of working, at 12.05 pm suddenly the news came in..
thinking that it's a prank, i asked a few ppl around.....
and confirmed that he leaves us..leaves the retards...

No way this is happening! NO!
there is still a tiny might be a prank...
i stopped all my work and browsed thru the facebook every single min, hoping to see his reply but instead i saw more and more comment asking him to rest in peace..
this is not i wanted to read...
i just want to read one sentence saying
'Hey! Its a prank! i am still here laaa haha'
but i just couldnt find it...
I even check his gtalk status, idle...this continue to give me hope..cause it's not totally offline..means he is still here..idle only..

I still cliched on with the tiny hope till I received a sms from Ir Idris, the head of SIIU and my current UTP SV saying :

with sadness to inform our stud in internship died today. Name Jasmitt Singh. Degree Chemical Engineering. Practical in BP Petronas Acetlys Kertih passed away at BP office. 5pm

tears welled up's confirmed...all my tiny hope crushed with this msg...
if it's a prank, i dun think the head of SIIU will play along too right?

3 pm..headed back home. I just couldnt work. Tears kept on flowing...


babi mitt, u keep on saying I am beh kiasu...completing my final report so early,
dunno how to enjoy my internship uni life...
but why this time you so kiasu and book a place in heaven one wants to compete with you la...i will make sure the first thing i see you next time is to tell you this...

there is so much things i wanna tell you...

i love ur puppy eyes...especially when you want something from me...
i love the stupid sarcastic remarks that you made..
i love the way you scold me in order to make me realized my mistakes

i love the serious and cute mitt...
you really look very adorable...especially when you were pouting

i love the way you protect and sayang me...
i love the moment we stayed up late just to complete the assignments, i even love the way you reject my work and ask me to do it again..
I also love the moment you try to teach me with ur 'meaty' theory in irc...eventho sometimes i disagree with the theory of urs and u merajuk there...haha...
i love the way you care for me...


its weird, during foundation, i always thought that you are a very scary person..
haha remember when i first told u, you were there laughing like there is no tomoro..
during those time, i always admired Qing..for being so brave to talk and teased you..
for are like a baddie..with the earphone of urs...scary-nya
haha...but...ever since u change your course to chemi...somehow, i dunno how....our bond gets stronger and stronger..

and from the big bad mitt become cute adorable mitt...

*look at how i drew are the apple with the earphone!*

do you remember the first time i went clubbing with you? and i gt drunk? you were there for hold onto my shoulder....prevented me from banging into stuff...
and even bring me to the opposite road where there is no one..for me to puke...
even tho i remembered it clearly u rolled ur eyes when i requested you to bring me to a 'no one see de place' to puke.....
tat time, i really felt that your hands are really strong...i can still feel it right now..the way you protect me that even want to carry me cause i cannot cross the longkang....and i insisted to cross myself..and u patiently wait for me doing it..tho you were half cursing d.

after tat, knowing i want to eat bak kut teh so much, you bring me to the stall...holding me...and ordered wantan mee instead cause there is no more bak kut teh...and you were laughing so hard seeing the idiotic side of me singing the wantan mee song.

*my first and last clubbing session with you*

and when you heard that i broke up with asked me to bring some notes for you..and you chat with me...accompany me that night below my were waiting for me to tell you...but i din..and you din ask much.. you just want to make sure that i am okay...

you were there during my 21st birthday ran so fast..after putting one big chuck of planta on my head..and i tried to catch you but fail..and i never expect that this is my last birthday party with you..

*the egg prank*

we went out so many times with the retards...... even go crazy with us..when me, amy and qing suggest to you to bring us to mac d just to complete the PPD project...
it was obvious that we wanted to get out of Utp after IB presentation..
and surprisingly, you even suggest to watch a movie...
and you said..'don't bring any laptops guys wont do any work...i know wan..'
You really pampered know what we want...
we went to watch a lousy movie..went to mac d...and even to the park...just to see the rumored shaking cars...but we failed to see any...sigh..we hold hands...walking like small child and you are like our daddy....

*mcD Session..i remembered clearly how much you hated UTP food*

*like daddy and kids in playground...our first and last time going to the playground*

ahh....another moment to Casfumal 2009...

*sweet moments in casfumal*

and the proton ppl was giving a boring talk and the both of us sneaked out..and took many were willing to play along with me...u were my photographer tat night..knowing that i am such a cam still willing to help me take all those stupid stupid pictures...

*camwhoring session...suku me and you*

then aft Casfumal, you bring me around Seremban...'accompany' me shopping even tho every time you just stand outside and's hard to imagine ppl like you who are sooo sooo impatient was willing to wait for me to try the clothes etc...
we walked around jusco till both of us were so so tired

*we both hardly sleep on the last night of casfumal..haha look at our panda eyes*

you even showed to me your beautiful house......boasting that whole taman is so beautiful..and i witnessed is truly a beautiful house..
you showed me where you usually showed me ur room...and i was shocked seeing how tidy it was..haha...

and in irc always asked me not to sleep but study....

* and i caught u sleeping!!!! *

we even do stupid things in irc.. stupid poses carrying me....
you were so fit...but why...? shake head...

*my fav first and last time piggy back by you mitt*

our retards relationship are so so strong...doing assignments together...camwhore everywhere...there are still so much pictures that we will take during final year...and now..retards is incomplete without you...why cant you just wait....

*purposely go to kfc to complete the prob and stat quiz-where in the end only you and huat do all the questions and we copied*

* our first and last caricature- we were laughing so hard when the guy drew you with teh tarik*

*our one and only complete R.E.T.A.R.D.S pic..will never have another complete one ever again *

we have another camwhore session after our pre-edx presentation ..

*lucky you ..having so many girls : 5 girls.....accompany you to class..hah*

we entered edx together.....posing here and there after the ceremony
did i tell you tat you really look very smart in formal?

u love tronoh food very much..u are sooo in love with the chinese food.....remember? at 6 am, both me and amy haven sleep..and u ajak us to go to tronoh market just to have wantan mee? u keep on praising the wantan delicious it yummy it was....u always order it with a cup of milo ais GAO..must be gao....
and black pepper pork...your always menu in the pink shop....again with milo gao..haha..

ahhhh and mamak session....everyone of us wanted to go ameeth..and u are the only one tat insisted to go faruq..saying the portion is bigger...haha how much we beg u..u will never give in..haha..
*mamaking session*

there are still many moments of us togethering..and i truly enjoy every single moment when i am with you...

the last time i saw u was after the TP final paper....
you were rushing back.cause u have to settle down in kerteh
now i regret for not spending more time with you tat time...

i always tot we will meet each other after intern..guess i take things for granted...i have not seen you for 6months..and now it will be forever..i will never see your smile again

i wish i can tell again once more how much i like you and how much i admire you and how much i think tat you are truly smart and cute and adorable
you are like a real bro...bro mitt to me...a true friend....a friend whom i can rely on...a friend who will be right there whenever you need him...a friend who cares you like hell...

now, how am i supposed to give you the arsenal t shirt that you requested months ago?
u told me u want a number 4 arsenal shirt...size M.
I already book my ticket to london ...wanting to surprise you with the your birthday now how am i supposed to give u..tell me...u..tell me now..

you promised to do a montage of us.....sleeping in took so much of my sleeping pictures...but guess it will never happen rite?
right now, i cant imagine myself going thru the 2 sems without you mitt...i can't imagine that i will never have my convo with you..i miss you like crazy now...i regret for not chatting with you lately but only thru buzz and face book comment..even your birthday wishes are thru facebook....and not thru direct chatting....
my uni life will be incomplete say u will make sure i enjoy my uni life gao gao ..but...

you babi mitt...leave us so early....yet i just couldn't bring myself to hate you....
now browsing thru ur facebook pictures and my own collection of ur pics will be my passed time activity....
i really afraid that all our memories....will soon be forgotten by leave me too soon...

currently in lab...staring at the clear blue heart is so so pain...trying very hard to be a tough girl...but i failed...
i kept on hearing your voice...and when i closed my eyes, all the memories of you and me and retards keep on flashing before me....

your last facebook msg to me :
cis...m goin sleep nw..bye!

your last shout out in face book :
had a rockin bufday in kerteh..thanx 2 Kisminder, Yoga, Kavitha, Jeswin, Qi Hua, Laveena and rantau gang!..kerteh is nt bad after all...on Wednesday

you last gtalk shout out :
Eighty per cent of Malaysians are not “designed” for running due to a variety of conditions such as bone structure, says Mal­aysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA)
* as deep as always*

i am still checking ur gtalk status..and the idle of the gtalk is the only thing that make me move least you are just idle...just let me have the tiny hope wont you..
when the moment you become offline....*shake head*...don't offline k?

i reallie miss you mitt.....hoping tat you will 'come' to germany and talk to is not tat far rite?

mitt, i truly love you..
you have been part of my life..and always be
you will be always the meaty mitt in retards....

i really hate to say this...i have been trying so hard not to say this...but..i have to let go....let you be in the other freely like you always are..

rest in peace mitt...
glad that you have a blast birthday before your death
glad tat you really enjoy yourself....

like what you always tell me 'life is short, enjoy while you still never know what will happen to you '
Guess it is really true huh..

miss you very much...

* really hate to see this*

Thursday, May 27, 2010

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it hurts a lot..
i wished it is just a prank..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cinta ini Membunuhku

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Kau membuat, ku berantakan.
Kau membuat, ku tak karuan.
Kau membuat, ku tak berdaya.
Kau menolak ku, acuhkan diri ku.

Bagaimana, caranya untuk,
meruntuhkan, kerasnya hati mu.
Ku sadari, ku tak sempurna,
ku tak seperti, yang kau inginkan.

Kau hancurkan aku dengan sikap mu,
tak sadarkah kau telah menyakiti ku.
Lelah hati ini meyakinkan mu,
cinta ini, membunuh ku.

Bagaimana, caranya untuk,
meruntuhkan, kerasnya hati mu.
Ku sadari, ku tak sempurna,
ku tak seperti, yang kau inginkan.

Kau hancurkan aku dengan sikap mu,
tak sadarkah kau telah menyakiti ku.
Lelah hati ini meyakinkan mu,
cinta ini, membunuh ku.

Kau hancurkan aku dengan sikap mu,
tak sadarkah kau telah menyakiti ku.
Lelah hati ini meyakinkan mu,
cinta ini, membunuh ku.

Woo… Hu~u… Haa…
Lelah hati ini meyakinkan mu,
cinta ini, membunuh ku.

click here to listen!

a very nice song..dunno why..i got quite addicted to this song =) hehehe

*most prob i was reading one of a nice manga while listening to this whenever i hear it, it bring me a feeling....feeling that..i dunno how to express ..ermm..ermm..baaah! *

btw, it's indonesia song..hmmmph they sing better than some malaysian singer..

no wonder so many ppl crazy bout indon i understand why..hahaha

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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'The truth is from the heart,
and not from beautiful appearance or hypocritical show off.
. .
Whatever happens, one day everyone will see your beauty,
because that truth is to withstand the test of time '

*nicely said this phrase very much*

Friday, May 21, 2010

paddington virus...

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the dr. has diagnosed me with Paddington virus...

1. miss paddington 24 hours (in lab, in toilet, in kitchen, in shopping malls , in everywhere)
2.want to bring paddington whenever you go
3. talk to paddington when you are free
4. life is only about paddington paddington and paddington

hehe...paddington always accompany me whenever i am at home..

i will bring paddington to fussen this saturday..reallie anticipate the trip with paddington =)

me heartzz paddington!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

of proof and proof and proof :P

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it has been such a long time-ne~
..sorry for being MIA..hahahah..
was busy with presentation..(everything goes well..i hope..hehe)
followed by post-trips and soon-be-trips and future-trips!! =)

i just had a conversation with mum, and she claimed that i hardly cook nowadays!
NO lor..mum..i did cook..luckily i took a few 'proof'


this will be my very lazy type of dinner...everything chucked into the oven..

my chicken curry..but u cannot see the chicken..its hidden...

my chicken rendang...

hahaha..look very good kan? i also chucked into oven...for both fries and pork..

try to be 'healthy' lunch....of yogurt and strawberry...(1 min to prepare)

i am very hardworking k...



huggles!!! miss all of you...


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