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This is what i called Contradicting

in the SAME guideline....THREE different statements were found :

a) Logbook and Final Report is submitted to Industrial Internship Unit (for ofiicial stamping) and UTP Supervisor (for evaluation) by returning intern in 1st week of new semester

7.3 Post-Internship (page 4)

b)It is compulsory for students to prepare and submit the Final Report. It must be submitted to SIIU within 2 weeks after the official industrial internship date ends.

11.4 Final Report (page 11)

c) Students must submit one (1) hard cover copy & one (1) CD of the Final Report to UTP Supervisor within two (2) weeks of the new semester.

11.4.2 Report Format (page 12)

sigh..shake head...this is our so-called guidelines....

so which one to follow? FEAR NOT...this is the correct version :

announcement from Elearning..
-submit on 26 July..first day of the sem start-

and u know..the ironic part is that, none of the 3 statements are accurate...

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