Sunday, October 31, 2010

pre-sms with my external @~@

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a pre-sms with my external lecturer :

cally : Good morning dr X. Sorry for disturbing your Sunday.I am cally, the student who will undergo the oral presentation tomoro at 9 am. I just received the schedule on Friday 5pm. However, I have test at 8-10 am. I would like to ask , if i can change the time of presentation instead of nine to maby 10.30 am after the last student mr y. Really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

dr X : tell the coordinator

cally : ok dr. i will sent an email to her. But you are free after then thirty right? thanks lot! have a nice weekend.

dr X : i am not free

cally : ok. thank you sir

dr X : i dun like to be disturbed on sunday

cally : sorry sir for disturbing you. really really sorry.

@~@ sigh...looks like i must be more careful for my tomoro's presentation d =(

Saturday, October 30, 2010

messy messy table :P

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This is how my table look like right now...

very very very very very very very infiniti messy......i still got tonnes of the side of the table, on the floor, on my bed...
all in all..

room = papers storage = messy

i wonder when will all this work loads end... hmmmmmmmm

eventho i felt tat i myself are very very busy, but i blv there are still other ppl in utp who are more more busy than me..

so if they can do it.. I CAN DO IT TOO!

will try my best =D

upcoming schedule:


1. FYDP interim report
2. FYP interim report (hope i can really postpone this)
3.FYP oral presentation (i..dun have any progress..ahahha...working on it..pray hard i get inspiration)
4. PUS test




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Lately, i had been so stressful that i think i lose myself. @~@
Final year first sem is not as relax as i heard.
NO..hell no...
With FYP, FYDP, PUS, HI , MS and PCS...
its hell...wat a hellish combination

however, i am perfectly fine right now..thanks to mum's support, bf's support and most importantly...FRIENDS support....


I am considered one of the lucky girl who has a bunch of retards around me...who always cheer me up and always be by my side whenever i needed them...

I always have shoulder borrowed by them whenever i cried

most of them knows that i was pretty sad due to my fydp interim presentation...

and guess what..

xiang qing gave me this when she met me yesterday

tadaaaa a surprise for me!
i am reallie happy when she said its for me! it has been a very long long time since i received one..=D

open it..heh an apple!!! apple note pad!!!!
pity it's not apple mac book.. ;p

decided to play a few modes available in my camera.. :P

#Normal pic mode

-apple and a pen...i reallie love it ! =D-

-an apple a day keep a doctor away..but for my apple a day..keep my stress away!-

#Film Grain mode

#Pin hole mode

and i only know that pin hole is actually lomo application..@~@ din realize until amy told me..hehehe

*my fav*

and i guess..i am now in the mood work my ass off!!!! =D

i have gain back my motivation that i had lost a few days ago...


Cally is once more a happy girl!

Friday, October 29, 2010

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i hate my current self...

getting very emotional lately..crying for dunno how many times....

how i wish if i am really strong mentally =(

Thursday, October 21, 2010


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i seriously, wanna cry hard release all the stress i have accumulate...

honestly, i am lost .......
super depressed.

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