Saturday, October 30, 2010


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Lately, i had been so stressful that i think i lose myself. @~@
Final year first sem is not as relax as i heard.
NO..hell no...
With FYP, FYDP, PUS, HI , MS and PCS...
its hell...wat a hellish combination

however, i am perfectly fine right now..thanks to mum's support, bf's support and most importantly...FRIENDS support....


I am considered one of the lucky girl who has a bunch of retards around me...who always cheer me up and always be by my side whenever i needed them...

I always have shoulder borrowed by them whenever i cried

most of them knows that i was pretty sad due to my fydp interim presentation...

and guess what..

xiang qing gave me this when she met me yesterday

tadaaaa a surprise for me!
i am reallie happy when she said its for me! it has been a very long long time since i received one..=D

open it..heh an apple!!! apple note pad!!!!
pity it's not apple mac book.. ;p

decided to play a few modes available in my camera.. :P

#Normal pic mode

-apple and a pen...i reallie love it ! =D-

-an apple a day keep a doctor away..but for my apple a day..keep my stress away!-

#Film Grain mode

#Pin hole mode

and i only know that pin hole is actually lomo application..@~@ din realize until amy told me..hehehe

*my fav*

and i guess..i am now in the mood work my ass off!!!! =D

i have gain back my motivation that i had lost a few days ago...


Cally is once more a happy girl!

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