Sunday, November 14, 2010


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" kita dah ada sikit masa...kenapa masih mau cari alasan to gaduh? why dun make use of time baik-baik "

he knocked some senses into my head....
sad not because i'm hurt...
but cause i am in wrong

Saturday, November 6, 2010

=D back again once more

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yeay!! a nice rest back home =D

i went back on thursday afternoon and here i utp..on saturday afternoon..@~@

i took a train back ...thanks to hooi yee for fetching me back from station..hehe =D

and yeah..the reason i bring such a big BECAUSE...

i wanna restock my food supply for study week..hehhe

before :


yup...i am pretty will be empty less than 1 month.. ;P

hua hua hua....

now my battery is fully recharge! i am energized once more..

ready to fight in the battle now!!!


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