Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Cute stuff!!!!

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while walking back from pasar malam..the RETARDS spotted this cute lil thing....

hahha guess! wat is it?!

TADAAAAA!!! it's the angry bird projector!!!!!

chomel kan?

and it only cost me RM 1..aih...tronoh..a wonderful town to get cheap stuff..i so gonna miss it :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something i need to learn and change :D

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Monday, August 8, 2011

the 2 boys ♥

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boy #1

boy #2

had an outing with bro and boyfiee in midvalley last saturday...
it was an enjoyable outing....and indeed relaxing especially after a hectic pre-edx (actually come to think about it..i kinda slumber for it @.@ but anyway let us assume its still hectic)

since bro is leaving to US soon..... i should spend more time with him....going back home every week without fail despite the tight schedule :)
2 tests, edx, fyp report...assignment...

and it's totally worth it

Thursday, August 4, 2011


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yes! i am done!
say G.O.O.D.B.Y.E to Pre-EDX
this is dr mohanad together with me and my beloved poster
btw, he is the funniest lecturer i ever met...very dedicated and indeed a fantastic fyp coordinator =)

since i am praising i get extra marks?? :P kidding..

now just left final presentation and i am done for good :)

p/s : i hope my sv wont give me extra work ahh.....end d la..ends it la :P

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


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d' ReTArdS

we are the O.N.E retards...

Cheerful retards....


the SUPERPOWER Retards!


*only can find in utp :P

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love from Taiwan

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This is one of my souvenir from taiwan....given by amy-jie~

"365 days of happiness, health, and harmony"

exactly what i wish for =) everyday happy happy..healthy healthy...and ping ping an an ~

i heartz it. Very much

Tenkiu amy!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My new Cutie Pie ♥

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My new ♥ .....Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask.. I have always wanted to buy this ever since i saw this cutie lil bottle in Hooi Yee's room...the only thing which stops me from purchasing it is the price...RM 99.90 for this 100ml liquid...urghhh......

but o i went to ipoh to get my sim card...and i saw this thing again at the price of RM 70...itchy hand..i bought it.....with the hope that i will get a healthier and smoother skin...girls never satisfy with what they have kan?

:P i hope this cutie pie will do her magic on my face :)

Friday, July 22, 2011


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after all the crying stuff..makes me very tired right now...zzz yet i need to read operation management for the interview later :(

i want my phone back :(

Friday, July 15, 2011


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me want coffee break!!!!

ahhhh....its 3.36 am and i am waiting for my simulation to end....grrrr

later at 8 pm i will be heading back to kl again! wheee!!! not to play..but to attend conference..zzz...anyway..i have a list of stuff to do..before i leave utp :

1. have wan tan mee with the retards at 8.30 am ( i wonder if i can wake up o not..but i am freaking hungry right now)
2. attend EOR 9.30 am ( i hope i wont zzzz there)
3.wash clothes + dry
4.print out resume......

ah so malas.. and i am hungry right now..grrr

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Motivation candy version II ♥

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jeng jeng... i am so loved by ppl surround me =)
aren't i lucky...

this is good luck sweet =) from amy ♥

ahhhhhhhhhhh whenever i am stress..i have sweets from love ones......
* grin like silly girl*

life is coollll ...with so much ♥ i received

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

someone important to me

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he is someone very important to me right now...

p/s: this is so random...its 6 am in the morning and i miss him very much since the day i left KL..just bear with me ya. :P

Monday, July 11, 2011


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YOU..better don't give me false hope anymore..i am sick of reading all those stuff non stop. I have been very good in putting lotsa time on YOU....

WAT? asking me to be single and date with YOU for this sem? luckily i did not head that advice of yours...just when i needed you actually disappear...just when i want my own time..YOU...bugged me 24 hours...

i can't wait to produce something out.... i have been relying on myself..not YOU...damn

stupid de

Motivation candy ♥

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this is my motivation candy...from pi sayang...

so now, i do not have a valid reason to slack my fyp aren't i?

yosh! i will never give up on you.. my final year project :P

Sunday, July 10, 2011

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this is bear bear with love...

this is me with my

despite of the rally,
with all the road blocks and lrt blocks...zzz to the max
none of them gonna stop me from meeting with my pi..
all in all,
I enjoyed my outing with pi yang.....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home ♥

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the picture says it all..

i am at home ..finally......
immediately rushed back home right after drilling test 1 =)
waited at KTM station for at least 2 hours ...impatient of me ...arent i? is totally worth it....i can feel the warmth of the family and able to meet boyfie

despite me being at home..i still have to switch on the 'hardworking' mode.....have been typing the report since yesterday...salute my determination...well of course there are reasonS for it....

1. due date of report is approaching....
2. wanna have outing with the ♥ ones

haha =)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Just for drilling =)

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this is what i have been doing since yesterday and today...preparation for drilling test 1.....
hopefully it will be fruitful yo~

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

picture of the day

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aren't i strong?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Retards Tradition

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Finally, i live like what university student should live. hahaha ...... being a chemical engineering student....our lives are basically very pathetic compare to other offense..but we are more geek and nerdy u see...and a lot of heavy subjects... @. @ our lives is filled with labs and class and tutorials and tonnes of projects

so, with only FYP and OM for my RETARDS...and additional drilling for usual.. nearly every night..we play Ass Face without fail...

and today, we got a new Ass Face for losing the game 4 times.....hahah HER identity shall not be disclosed.oops...she took away the Ass Face title from mr herman... and being HERMANISH....he teased her from Tronoh till UTP...and all of us just giggled non stop

EPIC of the day is when..herman asked the pak guard " abang..ada bau baja tak?" Blur face was written clearly on the pak guard's face..but we all know....what he meant by it...urghhh pity miss ass face of the day.... hahahhahaha

pity brightened up my day..wakkakakakakkaa

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Say HeLLo to Ms.Calm

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"maybe by applying this, i will be able to have a dreamless sleep" .

And that is wat i thought when i were in the tronoh shop just now....whether it works o not, we shall see tonight :D

say NO to love sick ;D

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say bye bye to love sick!!
thanks to retards and fyp...keeps my day busy busy :)

coming back to utp is not tat bad afterall *wink*

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Future

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my future relies on this

new start :D

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got 'inspiration' on how to reproduce the mother paper for FYP....hopefully today, I can think of better coding...and friday i am able to ask the savior :)

today indeed started off with hope!

First day of Summer

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First day of Summer...i hope my day starts with the warmth of 'hope'

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

something that makes me happy.....

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simple thing makes me happy =)


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i am give up...on FYP...


God, please send one saviour for me??? one least for now..i hoping 'him' able to help me now...please reply my email........................or at least let me see him in utp...and please....let 'him' guide me...and teach me..and lessen my burden.....let me see light..and hope in my FYP... amen.

of cheese cake

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outing with the Retards yesterday........had cakes as our appetizer.....
looks delicious..but taste...okok RM 4 per piece...blh la =)

nevertheless, we had a great time together eating and playing 'face ass' game ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

a wonderful outing

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as i will scribble the outing i had last sat in my blog =) it has been a long time i post a blog post with this amount of pictures..tiring nya.... =.=

so basically, i went out with my good friend in utp....welll...eventho he grad already, we still keep in contact..which is very good :P lalala..

the objective of the meet up is to strengthened the friendship bond since it has been a long long time since we met... (i switch on the FYP mode already...thus i must write must be in FYP report format..everything must have objective---> trying to be very lame zzzz )

he is a busy working adult...and i am a very 'hardworking student' in a university located in we both hardly watch any movies....thus! we decided to have this movie marathon in time square....the movies that we watched are the very 'old' movie cham...the movies are X-Men and Kung Fu Panda II zzz....but i would say..X-Men is very nice....and touching...and as for Kung Fu hilarious...i keep on laughing and idunno why..whenever i saw the reminds me of my coursemate in Cheme... wink wink !

As usual, i woke up late...and arrive Time square at around 1 pm i think....and the tickets we got are at 4.30pm and 7.20pm. A lot of spare time to waste before our movies, so we walked to pavillion as i would want to eat Japanese food ( lately i am into jap food again..and i dunno why)..we entered this restaurant called Ichiban boshi and to my surprised...the food are awesome and cheap too!!!!

we had this sushi....

try guess wat's in it? initially when we first tasted it, we tot it contained small prawn and very amazed with their skill of pilling the small tiny prawn shell.......BUT....later, when we browsed thru the is actually...

LOBSTER la......
very yummy and its only RM 4 (freaking cheap)

and we had a few more types of sushi..which is quite common..thus no pictures...lalala~

and being a hungry freak....i ordered this!

beef sukiyaki!!!! looks delicious right? believed taste very very good as well.....
most importantly..its only RM 20 !!!! waaaaaaa i was very excited when the food was served !

they are very generous with the amount of beef !!!!! and ...its sweeetttttt....nyummy!

and this is the happy me with the yummy food

both of us shared the food ( of course i ate more) and were very very full..till cannot walk..
then while walking...we passed by this famous bubble tea shop called ChaTime

roasted milk tea with coffee jelly (drink already only remember to take pic =.=)

As i always wanted to eat the snow flakes so badly for the past few months..FINALLY....i can taste it again..we waited sooo long to get an empty table..but at least it worth it..totally ...

again me...syok sendiri with the snow flakes.....i love taro ball and the grass jelly..and the ice..and and ...everything!

after all these food..we walked back to time square for our movies... =)

SOOOO basically who is the good friend who I went out with?

before we leave..we took a pic of us together. ( camwhoring)

we tried out soooo many times..but since i am very bad when it comes with 2 ppl camwhoring...

its either

my face is half....

or he is not smilling..

and finally

a perfect pic of the day...=)

hahhaa we were walking towards the lrt station..we spotted this wedding car

waaa..wat an interesting car plate..

it's so much dun wanna get married!
oops..sorry owner...i do wish u have a blissful and happy wedding tho!

i reallie had a lot of fun that day..thank you jason...for the nice is reallie good to know you in utp since foundation and still remains as good friend till now =)
i cannot express how thankful i am to have you as my good friend =)
i am very tempted to write how we first met and wat we did in utp..but if i do will be super long and lengthy and naggy....
but in short...
i am very blessed to know u..

lalal i know u reading it..dun be too happy...not gonna write more..o else u cant work :P blek

p/s: sorry for the blurred pic.....since all of them are taken from my 3.2 megapix camera..:P

today he said...

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today....i met my fyp sv...

looking at me.....he said, why is your hair getting so grey already?


in my heart, i was thinking... "fyp sir"

Sunday, June 19, 2011


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ahh will be back to utp later....nervousnya..cause soo many things awaiting for me... =(

list of things to be done (simply scrabble...)

1. mop the floor
2. clean the room and change bed sheet
3. unpack my stuff!!
4. clear my RE notes and pass to junior
5. throw rubbish.....
6.wash water tumbler!!!
7.OM assignment
8. meeting with FYP SV
9. FYP FYP FYP to muntah? did nothing
10. study OM
11. buy OM textbook
12. study drilling
13.sleep sleep sleep.. banyak things to do :( reallie don't look forward pun...

pray hard my room doesnt get toooo dusty..i am only away for 2 weeks nya...

p/s : still missing u....but as long as u are okie there..i am happy..trying hard not to get so emo easily

pps: had a great outing just now..will update bout it once i reached utp..hopefully if i have time..but cant wait to post the pictures :D thank you..for the great accompaniment :D

Friday, June 17, 2011

bye bye curls!

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finally, with much bravery, i went to the salon and 'chop' my hair off...

i don't reallie love my curls to begin with, so with the hope that i am able to get rid of them, actually bring excitement to me...

but to my despair, there is still curls @.@ urghhh i can't wait for them to how?

~after the hair cut~

i love this hair...but it will only be so neat if i din move at all....or i blow it with hair dryer ...

impossible for me to blow my hair everyday right? i don't even own one hair dryer...
a suggestion of gift for me? :P


bye bye curls!!!!! abracadabra! disappear u curls!


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