Saturday, January 29, 2011

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if and only if someone understand how i feel right now...

feeling so much hurt

Friday, January 28, 2011

Brain error

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took me such a long time to figure this's either i am too used to complicated maths OR my brain sudah kulat... hahah...i prefer the first reason tho :P

p/s : totally in new year mood =D wakakkakak cant wait to go to butterworth!!!!! wheee!!!!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The picture says it all~

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my first crazy pic in Jan 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

brand new semester! Jan 2011

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Brand new semester!!!!

Well, it has been a universal truth that all of us are kinda force to extend our semester due to the accredition matters. So here I am..being a final year SECOND semester student and not a final year FINAL semester student. But oh well, honestly, I am grateful and thankful that I got this extra 3 months..why? why? cause..I will have more time for myself!! A one sem subjects are splited into 2 sems....hhaha finally the chemi's will get their life...and since mr petronas daddy is sponsoring it's not a big prob at all haha!

However, ppl like me, are always very itchy hand, instead of the original 3 subjects, I go add extra sub...which is reservoir engineering.....still thinking if I should add petroleum exploration this semester........since originally I should be taking 5 sub instead of 3....and now I only have 4 subjects..but I do want to enjoy my uni life ...hmm dilemma..

Hahha cant blame me. The lecturers teaching both reservoir engineering and petroleum exploration subjects are very very good. At least for now. Haha ! In fact, I actually enjoy my 3 hours of class with each of them. ( huge achievement since I always sleep in class) . Seriously, I am now wondering why process plant engineering major cant have such interesting lecturers? then I am able to digest every single words they say easily...sigh...

And now..its only day 2 yet I have a tiny meeeaniiiie assignment for reservoir engineering .. but I enjoy it.. truly no regret register this at all.. ( well I do hope I have the determination in continuing loving this sub ) haha!!

till then!

* heartz this second hand book..first book of the sem..RM 50 ....*

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it means something to me..

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this means something to me,
even if it's a copy and paste thing,
this crafts a smile on my face,
because its from him.

even though we are far apart,
at least we both know,
we are there for each other.

sayang u~

Friday, January 14, 2011

My First Online Shopping =D @ mate

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My first online shopping =D
really proud of myself! * beamed*

I was randomly blog hopping and that's when I saw this interesting blog : click here!!

mate...Basically, they are selling shoe accessories...
Every piece of the product are made and crafted by hand and I would say i love most of them! There are tonnes of choices and all of them are really very very lovely =)
I actually spend a few hours browsing their website hehe...oops..

and after much considerations and hesitation... i finally order this said he loves this the most

thus, i contacted the person in charge and surprisingly, they were very efficient.....
i actually received their reply, a few mins after i wrote them an email..
Aside from that, I am also very pleased with their attitude.
As I did not have a credit card , i need to bank in the money..
as usual, being a lazy girl, i actually hated the idea of going to bank just to transfer the money,
finally after one week, i decided to bank in the money.
so, why am i very pleased with them?
because...they do not rush me to pay for it neither did they cancel my order! aren't they lovely? yes they are!

and using pos laju service, i received the stuff 2 days later =D isnt it ?


i was quite nervous to open it because it is well known that online stuff cannot be trusted. My stuff worth RM 27 (including RM 5 postage money) . I really worried that I would burn my RM 27 for useless junk.. but to my's good! =D

without flash

with flash

and to my surprised, they actually give me back RM 3 as I paid RM 30 to them initially. Super honest! another reason why i like them =D

now, my task is to find a shoe to suit this anklet! =D

thank you mate for giving me such a nice online shopping experience! =D

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