Sunday, March 27, 2011

To the you....

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I am sorry...that lately...i am being like this :

complaining that you do not love me much..complaining you have not been by my side...complaining that you are unwilling to help me....complaining that you have spend more time on other things than to me....complaining this and that....

but build a long lasting bout WE and US...

deep down, i know that you love me more than i realised.....i know that you are always here for me...i know that you are so much willing to help me...and i know that you always wanted to spend more time with me fact more than anything else...but i always pushed you away and then get angry for it...

and when a person gets will be like this :

so to solve this problem...i shall attend the anger management class (kidding)..
of course..i shall learn to control my temper......will very best....i reallie hope i could do this..
ughh someone just need to remind me not to get angry everytime i want to get angry....
any remedy for it ? wooooo...@.@

To the you...
thank you for bearing all my unreasonable and kiddy acts :D
despite all this commotions, i am still able to hear 'i love you' from you..
it reallie touched me :D

Friday, March 25, 2011


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either like the pic above...OR

i'd rather be offline, instead of being online and you're not talking to me

emoing =.=

Sunday, March 13, 2011

so what did i do during my mid sem break?

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today marks the end of my FOUR days mid sem break..urghh... so wat did i do??

i am in deeep sheeeet :P

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Hair Styles in UTP :P

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Achtung ! This is a very super syok sendiri post whereby there will be many many of my camwhore pics =D

Basically, being nearly 5 years in UTP, i have changed A FEW types of hair styles..yeah..actually there is not a much varieties of it..
but la a bit of changes here and there... we start with

Foundation Hair Style :

I had a rebonding straight hair..I remembered clearly how I persuaded my mum to allow me to straightened my hair during form 5 =D and i never regret doing it! My hair was so much straighter and easier to handle!

then....after that, if not mistaken i think during first year first .....i decided to cut short my long long hair ....

First Year First Sem Hair Style :

this was when the 'Rihanna hair style" was kinda in-trend i had a try on it....

WHO KNOWS......after a few weeks, i decided to cut my fringe in Ipoh Parade and that's when disaster came... due to some mis-communication with the hair hair become like this!

totally boy cut...zzzzz among all the hairstyles i have..i hated this the most...
well too small to see?

this will be a clearer look of my hair style after a few months later....

finally after a year...i cannot bear with my short and bombarded i decided to straightened my hair again....this will be during.... my Second Year kua..

Second Year Hair Style :

and this will be Second Year or Third Year Hairstyle : ( cant remember )

the Jelly Fish Head..
urghh don't ask me why i cut that hair ...but during that time, i was very satisfied ( well who wont...right after tat boy cut hair..i think most of the long hair styles are acceptable)

Last but not least, my Third Year Second - Final Year Second Semester Hairstyle:

thick long and kinda straight hair...omg..i love this hair style the most =D

but as u all see...all of my hair styles are in the category of straight hair...and i get kinda sick of seeing the straight hair...well after nearly 5 years...and including my primary and secondary time..which will be like after 23 years.... of course you will be bored with your same o' hairstyle de mar...

so i decided to curl my hair....

still got time to ber syok sendiri

the whole process took me around 5 hours...very very long and I actually fall asleep a few times..hihi

and after the 5 hours of long process...

this is my outcome...


no more straight hair!!!!

and quote from amy, I am a person who cannot accept drastic changes...k..i admit..i did..use comb and comb make it straighter back....and the next hair become like this

less curls....

and after a few more curls become straighther...
kinda worried cause i spend RM 180 on once again, i visited the hair saloon..

thank god the hair stylist is very very good..she washed my hair..and teach me how to curl it back..and cut my fringe...

and hair style to class is always like this..


stupid baby face..


Tats all..of my hair styles throughout 5 years in UTP...still if u asked me..

I prefer my straight hair..which is during my Third Year to Final Year hair cause it is so much easier to handle.. =D

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my best friend for this semester...

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