Saturday, June 25, 2011

Retards Tradition

Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 11:47 PM

Finally, i live like what university student should live. hahaha ...... being a chemical engineering student....our lives are basically very pathetic compare to other offense..but we are more geek and nerdy u see...and a lot of heavy subjects... @. @ our lives is filled with labs and class and tutorials and tonnes of projects

so, with only FYP and OM for my RETARDS...and additional drilling for usual.. nearly every night..we play Ass Face without fail...

and today, we got a new Ass Face for losing the game 4 times.....hahah HER identity shall not be disclosed.oops...she took away the Ass Face title from mr herman... and being HERMANISH....he teased her from Tronoh till UTP...and all of us just giggled non stop

EPIC of the day is when..herman asked the pak guard " abang..ada bau baja tak?" Blur face was written clearly on the pak guard's face..but we all know....what he meant by it...urghhh pity miss ass face of the day.... hahahhahaha

pity brightened up my day..wakkakakakakkaa

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