Monday, June 20, 2011

a wonderful outing

Posted by ~CaLLy~ at 11:03 PM

as i will scribble the outing i had last sat in my blog =) it has been a long time i post a blog post with this amount of pictures..tiring nya.... =.=

so basically, i went out with my good friend in utp....welll...eventho he grad already, we still keep in contact..which is very good :P lalala..

the objective of the meet up is to strengthened the friendship bond since it has been a long long time since we met... (i switch on the FYP mode already...thus i must write must be in FYP report format..everything must have objective---> trying to be very lame zzzz )

he is a busy working adult...and i am a very 'hardworking student' in a university located in we both hardly watch any movies....thus! we decided to have this movie marathon in time square....the movies that we watched are the very 'old' movie cham...the movies are X-Men and Kung Fu Panda II zzz....but i would say..X-Men is very nice....and touching...and as for Kung Fu hilarious...i keep on laughing and idunno why..whenever i saw the reminds me of my coursemate in Cheme... wink wink !

As usual, i woke up late...and arrive Time square at around 1 pm i think....and the tickets we got are at 4.30pm and 7.20pm. A lot of spare time to waste before our movies, so we walked to pavillion as i would want to eat Japanese food ( lately i am into jap food again..and i dunno why)..we entered this restaurant called Ichiban boshi and to my surprised...the food are awesome and cheap too!!!!

we had this sushi....

try guess wat's in it? initially when we first tasted it, we tot it contained small prawn and very amazed with their skill of pilling the small tiny prawn shell.......BUT....later, when we browsed thru the is actually...

LOBSTER la......
very yummy and its only RM 4 (freaking cheap)

and we had a few more types of sushi..which is quite common..thus no pictures...lalala~

and being a hungry freak....i ordered this!

beef sukiyaki!!!! looks delicious right? believed taste very very good as well.....
most importantly..its only RM 20 !!!! waaaaaaa i was very excited when the food was served !

they are very generous with the amount of beef !!!!! and ...its sweeetttttt....nyummy!

and this is the happy me with the yummy food

both of us shared the food ( of course i ate more) and were very very full..till cannot walk..
then while walking...we passed by this famous bubble tea shop called ChaTime

roasted milk tea with coffee jelly (drink already only remember to take pic =.=)

As i always wanted to eat the snow flakes so badly for the past few months..FINALLY....i can taste it again..we waited sooo long to get an empty table..but at least it worth it..totally ...

again me...syok sendiri with the snow flakes.....i love taro ball and the grass jelly..and the ice..and and ...everything!

after all these food..we walked back to time square for our movies... =)

SOOOO basically who is the good friend who I went out with?

before we leave..we took a pic of us together. ( camwhoring)

we tried out soooo many times..but since i am very bad when it comes with 2 ppl camwhoring...

its either

my face is half....

or he is not smilling..

and finally

a perfect pic of the day...=)

hahhaa we were walking towards the lrt station..we spotted this wedding car

waaa..wat an interesting car plate..

it's so much dun wanna get married!
oops..sorry owner...i do wish u have a blissful and happy wedding tho!

i reallie had a lot of fun that day..thank you jason...for the nice is reallie good to know you in utp since foundation and still remains as good friend till now =)
i cannot express how thankful i am to have you as my good friend =)
i am very tempted to write how we first met and wat we did in utp..but if i do will be super long and lengthy and naggy....
but in short...
i am very blessed to know u..

lalal i know u reading it..dun be too happy...not gonna write more..o else u cant work :P blek

p/s: sorry for the blurred pic.....since all of them are taken from my 3.2 megapix camera..:P

3 comments on "a wonderful outing"

FrOz3n Tr3e on June 20, 2011 at 11:48 PM said...

eee~ like that lo now~ i jeles dy~ *merajuk* !

~CaLLy~ on June 20, 2011 at 11:57 PM said...

hahahhahahahha laaaaaa u also my good friend merh......we everyday meet now..wait till we grad..i write one post like this k! :P

mushroom on July 8, 2011 at 7:57 PM said...

hey, i've been looking for that syok sendiri with the snow flakes you had but i couldn't find where lor. we can find that dessert, it looks so delicious


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